EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW


Thank u :smiley:


Been waiting 2 months. Hopefully, they should be inviting from next week.


Is there anyone who got an offer in Manchester? I got one, please contact me.

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I applied for Assurance in Cambridge as well, could you give me some tips for the partner interview? thank you so much.


Thanks for letting me know. Thought I was on my own. Best of luck!


2 months? are our positions in the queue placed according to our performance or the date we submitted our VI?


My portal changed into stage 4 today but I didn’t receive any email. I phoned EY and they said I am shortlisted. There is still a possibility I cannot go to the AC.

Has anyone passed stage 3 and not get invited?


I have been on stage 4 since May 1st.


Seems I need to wait for a long time…


I received the offer from EY last week. This forum has plenty of useful information. Please feel free to ask me for anything

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Hi, thanks I was wondering what date you went to the assessment centre and how long before you attended the AC did you receive an email confirming that you would be attending? Was it roughly a week before the assessment centre?

The next assessment centre for London is on the 4th of June, I applied on the 23rd of April but still haven’t heard back. My portal shows stage 4 - await further communication.



I have checked my email record. I was invited by email on 17th April for the 30th assessment centre.
it was about two weeks before the ac.


Has any Chinese applicants received the June 4th AC invite yet?


No:cry: I received an email this morning saying “they’d like to share some advice and they’ll be in touch soon.”… Have you got one?


Thank you very much! This makes me feel a lot better. Hopefully I’ll receive something tomorrow :smile:


Tomorrow/Wednesday is the big day I think. I’ve been waiting 2 months so hopefully I get something.


Ahh that’s so much more than me I’ve been waiting since the 23rd April and I’ve been stressing out so far! What assessment centre are you applying for?


I’ve applied for London assurance.


Oh that’s good to hear! I’ve also applied for the same area IT and risk assurance, hopefully we’ll meet on the assessment day.


Hopefully we get invited. Haven’t received an invitation yet.