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Anyone who went on the 11th recieved prework/partner interview date? I revieced an email saying I passed the AC on the 13th


Hi Kelly which program were you? FSO or UKI?


Assurance London, what about you??


Assurance, maybe it’s due to the division difference? Not so sure


Hi Wikikmeme

I have also applied to tax with ey

do you mind coaching me slightly through stage 3? as in what kind of tax related scenario you were given and questions you were asked?

really appreciate it,




do you mind DM me at all and coaching me through stage 3 ey?

i have also applied for tax and im really nervous for the case study and questions part!



That’s awesome! Did they also send you the prework?


I also received the same email, but no prework or date/time for interview.

What service line and business area did you apply for btw?


Hi I’ve not received any prework eek just an email! Did you receive some prework?


Hi, don’t panic, prework is for stage 4 :joy:


Hello guys, how long does it take to hear back from the partner interview? and also how likely is that you get a rejection at the interview after coming and passing all the previous stages. Thank you


I chose “no preference”


Yes. I received it via email.


Hi, i chose “no preference”


Is it the same as the one posted on here?


yes, exactly the same.


has anyone applied for Cyber Security?


Hi there, i’m about to do the partner interview on site this Wednesday, can anybody tell me is there need to bring my CV? Thanks!!!


Is there a partner interview after assessment day?


Sorry would you mind indicating which one you’re referring to if it isn’t an inconvenience. Or maybe just screenshotting yours. I am also going to the assessment centre on the 21st.

Thank you