EY - Graduate - 2019 Intake *** NEW



EY is starting with a new application process for 2018/2019 intake.

STAGE 1 Learning about you

  • First you’ll need to create your account
  • You’ll then need to choose your programme, your preferred location to work and answer some questions about yourself
  • Once this stage is complete, you’ll receive a link to stage two, Learning for a changing world.

STAGE 2 Learning for a changing world

  • In this stage, you’ll learn how technology is changing the world, through the perspectives of consumers, society and business – with videos, stories and case studies.
  • You’ll be asked a few questions too.
  • Once finished, you’ll receive personalised feedback on your strengths with some tips on how to develop them.

STAGE 3 Learning on the job

  • You’ll get a few situations you might experience in your role with EY, where you’ll be asked to answer some questions.
  • Some of the answers you’ll have to film.
  • Once you’ve completed this stage, you’ll again get you personalised feedback.
  • Please note, if you’re applying for Business Academy, Discover EY or Leading Women this will be your last stage.

STAGE 4 Learning in person - EY Experience Day


Hey, have they opened already?


No psychometric tests ? Extremely interested in EY . I heard the applications open on the 17th of september ( today )


I haven’t seen any online yet :frowning:


does anyone know when applications for consulting open?


They told me end of September for all roles.


Yeah, it would’ve been more helpful if they opened them earlier. Are you using any materials to prepare for the new test?

EY - Graduate - 2018 Intake

anyone done the tests?


Is EY open for all roles? As I can’t find Tax open in London :confused:


Hi I’m thinking of applying for assurance 2019, but I’ve noticed that their application process is different - It looks harder in my opinion - previously I’ve reached the assessment centre after doing online tests and telephone interview


I have completed Stage 2 test today, and honestly it was the most difficult test that I’ve ever experienced related to job applications. Also, this format of test I have never seen before. 30+ questions, so many videos to listen and follow, so many charts and tables, so many situational questions, so many calculations… just feeling exhausted now and have no clue what to expect. I usually don’t have problem with numerical questions, but here it was so difficult to understand what they ask. I think the entire test had 20 sources of information including 5 videos. Just so many information to process.


Yh did it myself today, SJT questions were weird as its all based on how you feel rather than right or wrong. It is pretty exhausting as well!


omg that sounds horrid:/ was it timed?




Sounds similar to the immersive assessment that Deloitte and PWC have in their new application processes as well. I think it’s the new style.


I think this one is next level… for PwC you don’t have passages and text to read. For Deloitte you have 10 sources in total, but for EY I think there was… 10 long articles, 5 videos each 2.5 mins long… too many figures and questions. Just when you finish 28 questions and think that you are done … BOOM you get set of new personality questions out of nowhere.


anyone heard back yet after doing the stage 2 test?


Ah… can’t wait :confused:


What have you decided on doing? I’m not sure if I should wait any longer for London tax to open, or just go for something else…


It depends what you want to do really, but I think you’ll still be doing the ACA if you do Tax. Has anyone heard back in regards to stage 2 of the process? This was a challenging assessment, and you guys are right - it’s similar to deloittes online test.