EY - Graduate - 2018 Intake



Let’s get a thread rolling for the 2018 EY graduate Intake!EDIT: I Got an offer in Assurance grad intake 2018!!! - If anyone needs help on passing the assessment center and the final partner interview then message me directly on here.

EY Graduate Programme 2018

Recently applied. Just practicing for the Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests now.


Any1 been invited/attended an AC for EY?


I’ve got an AC with EY in Glasgow on 1 September – anyone else?


I had my telephone interview and waiting for the outcome. Whats the structure of the AC?


is EY 2018 intake for assurance already open?


How was the telephone interview? Did the same questions come up from the 2017 thread
What stream did you apply to?


Hi, I have been waiting the outcome of my numerical/verbal tests for days… how long did you wait? thank you x


assurance. Yh same/similar questions from 2017.


3 working days


Have any of the consultancy roles opened up yet? (London)


When is the business consulting roles opening for EY graduate scheme?


Anyone been invited to an assessment centre?


Whens your AC?


Hi, I’ve applied to Bristol Direct Tax, passed the telephone interview three days ago, now waiting to be arranged for the AC. How long does it take? I called up to the recruitment team, and was told that it will take up to a few weeks. Anyone?


Mine is on 6th September. How about you?


Hey all, does anyone know whether there will be a EY Legal Graduate Programme for 2018?


Hi Guys, I’m creating a whatsapp group for all 2018 applicants, if you’re interested in joining please submit your numbers by click this link: https://goo.gl/forms/HMduuuQzBquzqF0z1


when do tech consulting graduate roles open?



Well done for getting through to the AC.
I have got my telephone interview coming up for graduate technology consultant for January intake. Can you please tell me the type of questions they asked you?