EY - Graduate - 2018 Bristol Office



I was just wondering if anyone else has received an offer for a graduate programme for EY, beginning September 2018. I am going to be working in the FSO Business consulting service line. I am interested in speaking to people in a similar position, so that we can have a chat about things such as accommodation etc.

Thanks in advance for any replies :slight_smile:


Hi, I also have an offer but for the Reading office. I was just wondering if you have received your official offer letter yet and if so how long after you were offered the job did you receive it? I still haven’t had mine and was offered the job in early November…


I received the offer letter via e-mail approximately a week after the partner interview. It might be worth getting in contact with EY? A month is a long time for them not to have sent it through - it may just be an administrative error?


Hi, I have received an offer for Consulting at EY in the Bristol office and would be happy to chat? My email is charles.mo@me.com


Hi, just wondering whether you have done the pre-employment checks yet?