EY Grad Intake 2015 (Belfast Office)



Online app/Aptitude tests/Competency interview/Assessment centre/Director interview

Recently offered position in Assurance, Auditing in the Belfast office. Would anyone like any information or advice on any of the application stages?
Additionally, if you read this and you’ve also accepted/been offered a position in the Belfast office, please make yourself known!



Hi! yes i’ve just been offered a position in the Belfast office with the ACP programme. Have you received your contract yet? Do you know when we start?


Hi! Thank you for your message. Congratulations!

Will you be accepting?

I received my contract last week, September 7th start.

I’m on the assurance team.


Thank you! Congrats to you too, hopefully we’ll see each other in the office!

Yep i will be accepting, but im really curious, do you know what the base salary is for the Belfast office? i know its 31k in London, but it must be much less for Belfast?


Thank you! I’m sure we will. Could you take anonymous off so that I can pm you more specific details RE contract etc - Seems more appropriate!

Ah, good for you, I accepted earlier this week, well worth the long run. It is much less in Belfast but for many valid reasons. Can explain via pm, if not, I’ll just type in here later tomorrow.