EY first round 2012?


Has anybody had an experience of that, if so, could you post your experience, and perhaps a sample of questions that were asked?
Thanks (:


I have heard that EY uses a strengths based interviews, i haven’t given any strength based interviews before (although i have some experience of competency based interviews). I checked their website too, but it doesn’t list quite clearly what strengths they are looking for. Does anyone have an idea about what strengths they look for in first interview?


I have my interview on wednesday so i can let you know afterwards if i remember


Just had my interview. If you look at the other threads on the EY interviews the questions are the same. I looked through them all and thought up answers beforehand and over 90% of the questions were the exact same and came up. so a great help.


How long did it take for your first interview date to be arranged? I heard I passed the online tests on 19th August but HR still haven’t contacted me to arrange the interview date.


hi Nicki, I have the same problem and wonder if we should call HR and ask about it?


I waited 6 weeks till they finally contacted me to arrange the first round interview which will take place this Wed, so I don’t think it is something you should be too concerned about.


really? I had a phone call within a couple of days of doing my online tests about an interview. I would call with them, or send an email to check.


Hey guys,

              I am slightly confused on the application form and I would be really glad if you could help me out. On the Education and Experience Section there is a part where you fill in your work experience details and achievements. 

Moving on to the Questionnaire a similar question pops up which says something like this:

“Please provide any recent work experience and or positions of responsibility that you have gained, providing details on the nature of the role and the responsibilities, including any additional information relevant to your application. Please note there is space for up to 3 positions of responsibility and or work experience if needed.”

I was wondering whether it is the same thing or what have other people used in this case. Thanks in advance




After the assessment centre which contains the partner interview, is there a next stage ater that? Such as a final partner interview or is it straight to offer?


Vix - the partner interview is the last stage of the process. x



Is the first interview a phone interview or done face to face?


face to face, but can be done over the phone as well, especially if ur overseas


Dear All,
I have the first interview coming up for the Aberdeen office,Assurance. Can anyone tell me the questions that were asked?

Looking forward to your kind response.