EY - Do I need to list all my module grades?



Looking at the EY application form they have the following down:

“Please provide a full breakdown of all your qualifications achieved to date, including GCSE, A-Level, Diploma, Degree or equivalent. (Please include all Subjects, Grades, and Year of Completion.”

So for my degree do they want each module and grade so that’s give or take depending on what degree you have done 24modules in all? Or do they just want to put down the degree and final result?




There are a lot of people asking for EY interview help so did you guys list your module grades?




I listed all of mine but I only had to go to second year (i’m applying for an internship) so not sure what other people are doing because I’m pretty sure there is a 1000 character limit and I just about reached it with standard grades to second year uni modules…got a first interview this week :slight_smile:


Good luck with the interview!

Hmmmm I guess I will try and list all my modules and see how much space I take up. If its too much then they will need to be taken out.

Anyone got any other advice?


PWC want everything.I know you’re applying to E & Y but these things are all pretty much the same. Is there an issue? Just re-write your Uni transcript (or equivalent annual summary etc) of all your marks.


Hey guys,

Just wondering, did anyone submit any cover letter or CV for EY? If so, what kind of things should you include in the cover letter? I’m thinking the usual why this role, why are you suitable, and why EY, but it’s better to ask than to get it wrong!
Thanks a lot!!