EY Corporate Finance


EY Corporate Finance - anyone had any interview experience with them??

It is the same requirement process as audit and consultancy?


I had mine last week and am attending the AC this Friday. I was slightly worried about taking the advice posted on here for the consultancy/tax/audit roles as I worried the TAS division may differ, BUT there was no need. Exactly the same. Managed to collect around 50 odd competency questions from this forum and did brief practice answers for them which was more than enough.
Only questions relating directly to TAS were - how is TAS structured and what do you hope to be doing in ten years time.

I am unsure whether the recruitment process is exactly the same as from what I gathered on here it was first round itnerview, AC, partner interview, but in my e-mail it says AC and partner interview occur on the same day… Not sure if you do two partner interviews or if they just condense it.

Anyway, hope that helps!


scratch that, have had a closer read and am assuming what I thought to be a partner interview is just the debrief session that follows the AC, however it specifies it is with a partner.
So yeah, all in all- exactly the same format for Corp Fin as for all the other service lines


So, they ask you a top of competency based questions, reading it from a printed document they have?

Like a questoniare where you have to answer questions shortly.?


Yep, standard 3 page sheet with multiple different questions from different competencies sections, so obviously there’s teamwork related ones, commercial awareness and career motivation, initiative etc etc, in total I was asked about 20-30 questions I think, some I gave examples with, others I just said yes/no and waffled on a bit about why I think its important etc etc


ahh… the yes/no questions… gotcha… so terrible that they do this round face-to-face… they should rather do this over the phone…


all EY Corp Finance London positions has been filled up