EY Business Risk Services (BRS)


I have my first round interview on Thursday. Anyone applied for this role? Has anyone had their interviews yet? Please share some advice :slight_smile:



hey how was your interview? I have my first interview on monday. are you applying for london?


Hey, had my interview today too. Competance questions asked:
-show time you worked in group
-took responsibility
-went beyond an expected target
-why brs?
-why ey?

Lasted about 1/2 hr-40mins


made it through the interview :slight_smile: so off for an assessment day soon…how are you guys getting on?..


Hi beverage,

did u have your first round interview on the 24th? so they got back to you the next day? i applied for BRS as well and attended the first round interview on the 20th nov but haven’t heard anything from them yet. do you think i should call?


hey, yeah i would give them a call. i’ve faound with otehr firms you can sometimes get lost within them! just give the graduate helpline a call: 0800289208 good luck!!


thanks beverage! the hr lady finally gave me a call and i made it through the interview:)…when is ur AC? mine is one the 5th at one more london place.


mine was going to be on the 5th but i couldnt make it, so il be there on the 10th. will you let me know how it goes? good luck! i was impressed with how soon they offer you one, but also pretty scary!


sure! i will post something here during this weekend.


hi beverage,

just came back from the EY AC. so quickly jot down the things before i forget:)

i started off by having my interview first. my interviewer was a senior manager from BRS. well, it was competency based, nothing about commercial awareness. and questions asked were stuff like

  • how did you persuade somebody?
  • how did you exceed other’s expectations?
  • how did you work with people of different styles?
  • why EY?
  • also why BRS is my first choice and audit is my 2nd choice? ( coz i made two preferences on my application form)
  • tell me a time when you had a deadline to meet
  • tell me about the dramatic change in your life
    i think i got most of them written down here already…i hope i did…

then it was followed by a report writing. it was about a hotel group which wanted to divest a pub chain business which is part of the business of the hotel group. you will be given the material and you need to write down the key issues if the divestment goes ahead. and if it does go ahead, what other issues they might have and what services EY can provide to client?

then during the group discussion, you will be given 10 minutes to cover the following tasks. write 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages about the divestment. then list out strategies to use for the divestment. then write down any other additional information that you think that are required for this divestment. i would advise you to quickly list down something for each part just in case you are running out of time at the end. you should avoid writing too much in one particular section. bear in mind that you only have 10 minutes. then you will begin the discussion for 20 minutes. then u will be given an extra piece of information. you then need to prioritise 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages and the next 3 steps you should take if the divestment goes ahead.

honestly i don’t think i performed well today especially my interview. i actually got all those questions but i didn’t have time to prepare as i was on a whole day course yesterday and was not feeling well. and before that i have been preparing for the business stories and i have no confidence in talking about the business news so i spent a lot of time on that. well i hope you find the information useful and good luck to your AC!


hey Yen,

Thank you so much for that. I hope you did well, Im sure better than you think! Iv got 3 essays in for tuesday…I’m not rating my preperation time so your post has been fantastic. was the director that interviewed you a nice guy? Iv only had one previous “partner” interview with a director and he was not so nice :frowning: was the interview not so chatty then as very competancy based?

Im nervous about knowing what to write as strategies etc as my background is not business, how did you find it?

I’m amazed you didnt get any commercial awareness as i didnt get that in my first interview too…its definately my weakness so I hope I get the same!

Let me know how you get on! good luck!

Beverage x


I was at the same AC as Yen (Hi Yen - I was the shorter of the 2 Bristol guys) and did the same case study and group exercise, but not the same interview.

The 10 mins group exercise preparation time goes SO quickly. But it’s not a huge problem if you don’t do great here. I got the impression the point of jotting down notes is so that you have something to contribute to the discussion: the worst thing would be to write down a great point and then not raise it.

When the discussion starts your blue pens are exchanged for red, so any amendments you make are obvious. I made hardly any amendments because I was more focussed on listening to other candidates, which will probably count against me.

Something worrying me is that the EY recruiter (who leaves the room for the exercise, leaving just her observers) came back later than I expected. I reminded everyone we had just 1 minute left… then 4 minutes later she returned. Argh! I’m fairly sure I was right and she was just late, but if I was wrong (quite possible) then I wrecked my own chances. So: KEEP A CAREFUL EYE ON THE TIME.


hey thanks CB- thats pretty bad if she was late! i’m sure you’l be fine as the observers were prob keeping track too!

how was your interview? was it the same sort of style of Yens?

good luck! x


My interview is tomorrow - I attended the London AC rather than the Bristol one so that I could be processed before Christmas, but will be having my interview with someone from Bristol.



i just got a feeling that my interviewer was not interested in what i sai. the hr lady said the latest she would get back to us is today but i havent heard anything from them.

regarding the strategies, our group talked about 1)promote their hotel online ie. improve their website, make bookings easier, advertise on those popular website…
2) improve efficiency in various areas like IT systems, staff training, customer service, 3) provide incentive to employees like bonus scheme 4) buy a small luxury hotel group ( this is mentioned in the reading material)…plus all you can think of really…i am sure you will be fine…nothing technical…just common sense…and yeah…one more question i got asked during the interview was give me an example of when you have developed a formal relationship…

will keep you updated when i hear from them. but really dont think i will get the offer:( anyway good luck!!


hey C.B,

i hope u did well in your partner interview today!

i read something on another thread that u have been to PwC first round interview. did u get through? did u get any difficult questions? were all the questions u got very similar to those posted on the wiki? many thanks!


how is everyone getting on? anybody attending the 7th Jan assessment centre?..slowly running out of time!


Hey Beverage, what service line have you applied for?


business risk services, and you?


advisory as well but actuarial. I have mine on 7th as well. Do you think we will have it together? In that case I wonder what the group exercise will be like because if its about the divestment of the pub chain topic then I will have no clue.