EY assessment centre joined with Partner Interview?


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Ive been reading through the assessment centre forums and am really confused now. Are the partner interviews conducted at the same time as the assessment centre. Some people have said that theyve had their partner interview after the AC. I dont really want to waste time preparing for this if it wont take place. Any help from anyone that has completed the AC from Sept 2011 ONWARDS?

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I had an AC + partner interview on the same day in Sept. I think if you’re applying for a London position, unless your partner is busy, you will have the partner interview on the same day. That said, I’m not 100% on this and I don’t think anyone on this forum can give you a 100% answer. You might want to ring up the HR at EY and ask them that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to clarify what exactly you need to be preparing for.


I had my AC on Friday, but my partner interview will only be next Monday- it seems that if you get to have the AC at the same office that you’re applying to, then you’ll have the interview on the same day, otherwise you have to wait a while… Either way I’m fairly sure they let you know when they set up the AC with you whether or not it’s on the same day.


I’ve read that you have a strength based interview on the AC if thats of any help.
I’ve got my AC on thursday. Any advice would help