EY Assessment Centre 2011


Just an updated feed for all those attending Ernst & Young’s ‘tricky’ strengths/assessment centre…

Share your experiences…



hi, I have my AC tomorrow! Does anyone has any advice?
I will post as soon as I finish


Hello, what office have you got it at and what entry??

Mines next week, any help would be greatly appreciated (Y)


Hey guys I finished my AC for Advisory Position in London January 5th so I think its time to update

My day started at 9:45AM at 1 More London Office

10:00AM: about 15 of us went inside we met the HR Representative who went over the day’s activities. Quick introduction of everyone there and we had a chance to have coffee and tea with other applications and current E&Y workers in the division represented in your AC.

10:40-11:10: I then started off with a call to Sam, who is an intern at Ernst Young for three months, your manager is worried about his work and would like you to talk to him about the work he recently turned in for a project. The document you have to proofread is about 9 pages long and most of the errors are highlighted. Your job is to find other errors (i.e.: spelling, grammar, punctuation, spacing, and etc) and you have to fill in some information.

Then you get a sheet of paper which you have to fill out. It asks how you would approach the conversation and etc. The call lasts for about 5-10 minutes which you talk to Sam about his work and possible recommendations.

This was quite weird for me since I have never done anything like this before. BUT and I can not stress this enough that your there to encourage him not scold him in anyway. I overheard someone who was actually telling him why he was so confused and made careless errors. Just be understanding and do the best that you can.

11:15-12PM: I had to do the company analysis just condense a 10 page presentation into a short 1-2 page for your manager. Nothing special just read the presentation and condense it to the best of your ability nothing special nothing hard. Retract information, provide a recommendation and etc. BUT be careful of time I finished about 1-2 minute before the due time and other people couldn’t finish or was on the verge of finishing.

12:00 - 01:00 PM: We then immediately went into our group discussion about the topic that we were suppose to research before (mine was: Business Benefits of Workforce Diversity). The usual applies here just be your self, let others talk, do not interrupt. You are allowed to bring notes to the discussion and your not making a presentation just discussing the topic. Last 5-10 minutes the assessors will be there to ask you questions.

1:00PM - 1:45PM: 45 minute lunch time, the E&Y people will be there. It will give you time to talk to them and show a good impression. I talked to a Senior member of my division talked for about 15-20 minutes got his business card. He personally called me a day after to tell me that I passed the AC so its good that you talk to them.

1:50PM - 2:50PM: you do your testing that you did online but on paper. Its nothing different from the online one. I did very well on the reading and math but the diagram one was extremely difficult. I think they just want to look at the fact that you did not cheat on your online exam and that you can pass.

Others had partner interviews but since mine was so close to the new year the Partners from my division were not available so the E&Y HR stated that:

‘the Partner Interview became conditional to how well you performed in your AC.’

Got a call the following day and they stated that I passed the AC and my partner interview will be scheduled very soon.

I hope this helps and good luck on your AC.


Thanks for the info guys! I just have one question concerning the Company Analysis. The objective is just to summarise the 10 page report to a 1-2 page one or to provide also with some PERSONAL recommendations?

Thanks a lot once again and wish everyone best of luck!



I got an offer for Audit Graduate 2011 start last week!!

Thanks for everyone who posted, really helped me throughout the whole process.

I am happy to repay the favour so any questions about any part of the selection process just PM me.

Thanks again.


I took part in the assessment centre too, and at the end of the report, you are meant to send an email to the director asking him to give a seminar on the company. I would say leave the last 5-10 minutes at least to produce that.



Is the outcome of the company analysis a report or presentation?

Thaks a lot for the useful post.



hello there, I have an assesment day coming up next week. I am not sure about couple of things.

excercise of finding errors and mistakes; how are the errors like… I am worried about it as english is not my mother tongue.

secondly, when we are summarizing a company report, are we expected to write it down on paper or on the computer?

How well do you feel you have to perform to be offered a job, I mean to ask how much room for error is there?
I will be very thankful if you can help me on the given topics.
Thanks a million for some very useful posts and congratulation for job offers.


hi shah,

about the report that you have to spot errors, don’t worry, English is not my native language either but it was alright. Most of the mistakes are blatant so you’ll easily spot them.

As far as the summary is concerned, you have to type that on your laptop.

Just relax and try to do your best. From my experience there is a thin line between passing or failing. Good luck!


Hi there,

Is anyone having an assessment day tomorrow in London?


Hi guys

I have just cleared the interview stage for Advisory Consultant Programme UKI. this programme starts in 2013 actually but they have started the recruitment prtty early. So i wanted to know the folliwing

  • what can i expect at the AC
  • What is the kind of preparation we shoudl do for the AC
  • How much time after the interview do they call you for the AC. I got the AC call 1 day after my interview but then they havent told me when the AC is gnna be so im still waiting.

So far all the stuff I have read on thie forum is helpful but im not sure how do i prepare for this?? Do let me know how you guys prepared for yours…

Thanks :slight_smile:



  • What you can expect at the AC is covered extensively in all the threads on the subject. In short, it’s a group exercise where you will bring in your own research and work with others to prepare a presentation (you won’t have to actually give the presentation, just discuss how it should be structured, what sort of information needs to be included, etc). Then there will be a company analysis, where you are going over several documents and summarise them in 1-2 pages. Then there will be a feedback exercise, where you check a report for spelling / grammatical mistakes (you only need to find very few mistakes, most of them are already highlighted) and give feedback to the person who wrote the report. Then there’s usually a partner interview followed by re-take of the tests you did online.

Like I said, if you go back and read everything on the subject, you will be absolutely fine. Here’s how I did my prep: I went through all the threads and copy pasted the relevant information onto a word document, starting from 2008. Then I just analysed it and at the end I had very few SPECIFIC questions left, which were answered by some kind people on this forum. I’d advise you do the same.

Apart from that prep stuff, try to keep doing verbal psychometric tests, because you need to be able to read and understand information quickly for the company analysis bit. Go on BBC or something, read articles and try to summarise them in a few sentences. For the group exercise make sure you do NOT interrupt people who are talking, and if you are interrupted, make sure to agree with the point they are making and then GO BACK to what you were saying. The feedback exercise, try to think beforehand the kind of advice you could give to the person who wrote that report - you should be nice and supportive with him. Highlight his mistakes do this as an opportunity for him to learn, not to say ‘this is wrong, that is wrong, you’re stupid’.

Right, like I said, go through all the threads and you’ll be more than fine!

Good luck,

P.s. It took them about 4-5 working days to arrange my AC. If they don’t get back to you soon go ahead and give them a call - that’s what I did quite a few times with them. That said, EY has been way more efficient than any of the other big 4 in their grad recruitment process!


Hi R

Thank you soo much for the post. I will certainly start preparing in the way you have mentioned. Can you just tell me how to do the verbal psychometirc test? like im a bit confused about that. any good links online which could help me with that.

teh rest of it is fine, i will start summarising from bbc and all.

I got the AC call on the 14th and they said well contact you soon. nothing yet. if they dont contact by tomorrow, i will call them for sure.

bye thanks :slight_smile:


Hey - just try to google ‘verbal psychometric test practice’ - and take it from there. One website that help me loads with my prep for testing in general was assessmentday dot co dot uk. :wink:



I have applied to the Advisory Consultant (IT) programme and have my first round interview next week. Is there anything specific that I need to know which is not in this forum? It would be great if someone who has recently given a similar interview point out anything in particular.

Thanking any respondents in advance!


Anyone at the assessment centre on 5th october heard anything back yet?


I had my AC at the London office for the school leavers programme on Thursday. Haven’t heard back. What did you apply for?


anyone has an AC coming up on October 19 at the London office?


I had my assessment centre recently and found all the thread on wiki jobs extremely useful. The only thing they’ve slightly changed is the partner interview. The partner has a set of questions to ask you based on the same case as the company analysis. The main advice I have is that EY is a numbers focused company so bare that in mind during both the company analysis and the questions in the partner interview. I ignored the numbers and focused on the more qualitative information and when I got feedback they said I needed to build on my analytical skills.

It’s a long day but with all the help on these threads you should be fine!