EY- application on hold- Now what?!



I recently have been told that my application for FS Consulting- IT & Risk Assurance Sept’17 is placed on hold because they are reviewing targets and have a lot of applications ahead of me. Have final interview left to go. I checked previous forums and noticed a lot of people had that in previous intakes as well. However, didn’t find any follow ups from those people in terms of what happened to their applications- they didn’t post further or at least I couldn’t find any follow up comments. Has anyone had that and can share their experience, please?


Hi there,

This happens from time to time with the crazy influx of applications. You will usually always get an interview - but it may be deferred or for the next intake depending on how many applications are ahead of you (and how good they are).
In my experience though, this is usually just a delay/ hold off tactic because they are overwhelmed with people, but candidates still tend to be considered for the intake they have applied for if they are through to final interview stage.

Hope this helps! Good luck.