EY ac on 13th jan (TAS)


Hi, ive got an A.C for ey on the 13th jan its for an internship position.

i didnt have any tests to do before hand which i found a bit strange

it says there will be a interview and a group discussion, does anyone know how long these will last? or what there about


The guy on the phone said it was a a.c but in the email it says selection event??

is this any different?? I have not had a first interview is this it or something different because it also has a group discussion


I did the SIP there in summer 2008. I didn’t do any tests either - some do, some don’t. The structure will be a brief talk at 9am, then half of you will have a 1hour senior manager/partner interview with a range of technical, general and competency questions, while the other half will do an assessed group exercise with 5 interviewees in each. This involves reading a document they give you (probably about a fictional company) in silence for 20mins and making notes on their future prospects or something similar, and then you all discuss the points you raise about the company for half an hour. There will probably be 3 people in the room assessing you on your contribution and ability to speak confidently and persuasively. Then after a short break, the people who have been interviewed do the group exercise and vice versa, then its all finished at 11.30/12noon. You’ll hear the outcome within 72 hours.