EY 2021 Graduate Scheme


Hi guys, I have just seen that EY has opened applications for 2021 intake. I have been in touch with the student recruitment team and they have told me that they have changed tests compared to the last year. Anyone applying already?


Hi, I’ve just applied and yes it is quite different from last years. I guess it depends mainly on what you apply for, but they provide you 3 different case studies with around 4 questions for each. Still quite similar style to last years but with not as many questions. I think the numerical is separate and that is probably next as part of the first stage (Online Assessments).


hi, am i right that only few service lines have been opened and you will only. be able to apply if you registered your interesting to those opened service line ? Cheers


I’m up to the job simulation, has anyone completed this yet?


No, I submitted my Numerical Assessment few days ago. Did you do the job simulation? How was it?


Hi everyone! I have just finished my online application. Has anyone completed the learning for the change in technology test? It seems new and not much available in terms of practice. Any insights or heads up would be really appreciated! Thanks!


Anyone else been waiting to be moved onto Job Simulation from the Numerical Assessment for ages?


I was using prep materials from onlinegraduatetest com and passed without problems.


I never really prepared myself, mostly if I needed to study something, I just read books. I used to read educational material when I knew exactly what they would ask. The last time I was in college I had a test on one book, I read it on the site https://freebooksummary.com/category/the-minutemen-and-their-world and in principle I can only say good things. The site is incredibly convenient, and everything is written very adequately, so I advise you to read something there too.


Have you heard anything back yet?
I did the numerical on 31/10 and still waiting…


I did the numerical reasoning on 23rd Sept and just got an email yesterday (after almost 1.5mo) that they dont have a role for me(wtf??). Not sure if the second lockdown affected their decision? Not sure what to make of it… given they emailed me couple times asking for ACA transcripts and all.


I did my test 4 days ago, no replies yet. It’s a bit odd as other firms are a lot faster with acceptances and rejections so I don’t know what to expect