EY 2020 graduate spring intake


hi Michelle, could you please add me to the whatsapp group? +447565017033


Hi Chris,

I am still at VI stage.
I wish I could join your wechat group as well.
My wechat id is zengyifan1875
Many thanks!!


for those who got an offer from EY, pls join the fb group chat via the link below:https://m.me/join/AbZEEpg1ecveHypn


Hi Eve,

we only have group for offer holders.
Pls let me know if you receive an offer from EY :slight_smile:




So I have gotten an offer from EY April intake but my role starts in september, any of you in the same position?


Hey! How did your learning on the job stage go? I’m about to complete it. Any useful tips, please?


Hi chris, do you remember what were the 5 main technologies that you need to discuss in the task where you need to present your ideas of which technology is best for the client to implement at the AC?


Hi Naomi, I did my AC a long time ago but as far as I am aware it was the same technologies used in the video interview eg. Blockchain, chatbots


Hi guys, will be starting the assurance graduate scheme at EY in April 2020. Is anybody up for housesharing?


Anyone applied to Luton here?


Hey guys, Quick question. I am doing an internship at EY this summer and I’m hoping to bag a grad scheme offer. What academic certificates do they ask you for once you receive a job offer? I’ve been told it is just A-Level, however, after looking at some forums I’ve seen many people mention GCSE certificates. In that case, I would have to pay to replace them.

Can anyone shed light on this?


You will need your Mathematics and English Language GCSE certificates :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Caroline, how did your learning on the job assessment go? are you able to provide some help on what questions were asked. Thank you