EY 2020 graduate spring intake


hi, would you mind sharing the materials with me? I have got some for other companies if you want to exchange


Hi, Rav
Do you mind telling me when is your experience day? I look at the key dates on the website and find the earliest date for London is 18/10/2019. I’m wondering if those key dates still apply to the spring intake or just the autumn intake?


Hi! would you mind sharing what kind of questions you had for the video section?


Thank you so much!!! Seems like the questions you get are role-specific. May I ask which service-line you applied to??

Anyway I hope you can get an offer soon!


Does anyone know the level of difficulty during assessment day in each office? Is the partner interview of small city such as glasgow easier than that of large city such as London? How do you choose the office location?


Just got rejection letter this afternoon.


oh sorry about that. is it Stage 3?


Yeah it is


Hey Dom, can you share anything else about the Learning on the Job?

Be much appreciated - thanks!


Honestly, don’t stress the other bits, it’s very similar to the previous stage. If I were to do it again the only thing I’d do is more practice video interviews.


Does anyone received an AC invitation so far? and when? after your finished stage 3. Thank you!


Hi there,

Does anyone finish the learning about the job on Assurance? Could you please provide some information on this part? Thanks very much.


Hi Chris,

Congratulations on passing the AC. Could I ask some information about the learning on the job-Assurance? Thanks very much.


Hi Numaan,

Congratulations on your offer. Currently I received the invitation of learning on the job-Assurance. I want to know more about this stage. Could you please provide me some more information. Thanks very much.


Hi Lisa,
I got the same email as you for asking further information of academic grades fews days ago after finished learning on the job, so how about your progress now? Thank you!


Hi I got the AC invitation yesterday


Congrats! May i ask what location you applied to and also when your AC is?


Congrats!! Can I add your WhatsApp for asking more information if you don’t mind? Thanks!


london one


October 18th?