EY 2020 graduate spring intake


hi, i just finished the learing about the job section, anyone is at the same stage?

how long i am expected to hear the result?

let’s fight together!

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Hi, I have just managed to finish it off today. Are you also applying for audit?


Yes I m

Let me know if you get the result of the learning about the job, I will also keep you posted




does everyone get to learning on the job or is it selective after learning for a changing world?


I think it’s selective cause I was sent a ‘congratulatory’ email with a link to progress to the Learning on the Job stage, after completing the Learning for a Changing World Stage.

@lisabig4 @Rav_B would you guys be able to share some tips/advice on what the Learning on the Job stage will be like, pleaseeeee? :3


Hi, it’s fairly interesting. I think you will be fine with the first half as you have already managed to pass the first two assessments. For the video interview, I would say make sure you’re confidently putting your points across. Also, make sure you have a pen and paper to write down any ideas you have. I forgot to do this. Now I really regret it.


You have to pass the first two assessments to unlock the learning on the job.


Thanks for sharing! Looking to complete the learning on the job stage tomorrow.


Hey all,

I Enjoyed helping people in the past so feel free to message for any help. I can give tips on the ac process as best I can from what I remember.



Just 1 hour ago, I finished my learning on the job, and after that my friend told me that EY cannot provide a visa sponsorship in Edinburgh, so I emailed the team and feel very nervours and anxiety about my application cos seems this is my last chance and I tried to transfer my application to london, is there anyone tried to transfer your location before AC ?

Good luck to everyone here!


I applied the london one and get the email for asking further information of my academic grates after learning on the job. I think you can relocate once you get the offer earlier ?


Hi, could you tell me why they cannot offer a visa sponsorship in Edinburgh? Dose that mean you have to apply for jobs in London so you can get a sponsorship? Thank you~



Don’t worry about it. My friend was in the same situation before and the student recruitment team would contact you regarding an office transfer once you had an AC coming up.


Hi Lisa!

I was wondering what kind of academic grades EY is asking for since we have uploaded our A levels and GCSE.


Hi Chris

Maybe because I studied in China before , so they asked me give them the breakdown of each module.


There is a list and most office or service cannot provide visa sponsorship. You can see the list on their official website.

What is more to make things worse seems here are more chinese students and international students, the vacancies will be occupied more quickly. Kpmg withdraws my application due to the no more sponsorship vacancies and pwc helped me transferred my application to another office where still have vacancies with sponsorship.
So now I just pray for visa sponsorship. And my application can be transferred.


Oh I have pwc ac on 5th sep, hope still have sponser visa …


hi lisa which office u applied ?