EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


Has anyone been invited to an Experience Day for PAS yet?


Anyone received an outcome for the AC on 5th November?

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Did you manage to pass? What service line are you?


Hi Michelle, I would really appreciate if you add me too! My number is 07711139947, thank you!


My number is 07711139947, thank you!


Congratulations to those that passed! Can I please also be added to the group chat as well? I’ve been shortlisted but still waiting to hear back. My number is 07597201130. Thanks so much!


Hi have you been added to the group chat?


Can you add me to the group chat as well?


Hi Michelle, please could you add me too! My number is 07543843114. Thank you!


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I have added everyone that’s requested. Sorry for late reply was so busy past few days. Xx


Anyone been invited to an AC for Business Consulting?


Hey Michelle could you please add me as well, my number is 07534278154


No, still on the shortlist! Hbu?


terrible AC experience. I failed with no feedback and asked for feedback, nobody answered. They do not care whether u have learnt or not.


anyone hear back since 7 nov AC?


They emailed me today saying that they’re working with my service line to determine the next steps and will be in contact soon - not entirely sure what this means


what did you apply for?


when did you get the email saying you passed the video interview?