EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


Hey I’ve got a virtual motivational interview for the graduate scheme coming up, I’ve already had one final interview and passed but the sub-service line was filled and so I’ve had to switch to another one and now have to do another interview. It lasts an hour so I was wondering if anyone has had one of these or knows what kind of questions come up?


I called today for an update and was told they’re waiting until the remaining AC’s are done until they make a judgement, and those AC’s should all be done in the next 3 weeks. Although that did come from talking to a member of the same team who told me ‘you’ll hear in the next two weeks’ back in December lol


Oh weird - yeah still think it’s too much to hope that I’ll be offered an interview at this point but I guess you never know. Did they say whether that was for Business Consulting as a whole or just at the Birmingham office? And whether or not they’ve already given out interviews to others? Either way - good luck!


He did mention seeing how many people on the upcoming ACs are applying for my service line and comparing performance with theirs. No mention of whether they’ve given out offers.
Thanks, good luck to you too


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same situation… did you get the offer eventually?


I didn’t really fancy IT risk and got an offer elsewhere so didn’t continue my application. Good luck if you do go for it.


Thank you! All the best to you too.


Anyone had a final interview for technology consulting recently?