EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


Over 15??? Crazy! I just mean a lot of people throughout this thread had to wait long times to hear the result of their AC.


Nooo so it was meant to be done on my experience day but to technical errors I couldn’t do it so they said I can do it in my spare time.


how many offers out of 15?


You must be really bad at converting your AC’s into offers if you’re still attending them


Yeah I agree, I have a feeling they will have put most people on hold because this crisis will have an impact on how many people they will want to hire

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Why’s that?


That’s for me to know.


Nice, congrats, hope it works out for you. Out of curiosity, which firms were these at?


I just got Wikijob user of the month. Helllll yeah


UBS, Facebook for Data, Amazon Web Services consultancy, London Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca trainee, and S&P


UBS trumps EY anyday, congrats, what service line?

What about the other ACs, what firms


Don’t be coming with that energy


I have my final interview for Tax coming up and I was wondering if any of you could expound on your FI experience?


Likewise, I have my FI on Tuesday… Unfortunately it’s a VI, but these are strange times!


when did you guys that have a final interview have the assessment centre? i had mine a month ago and I was told that I passed. I did ask to move office - don’t know if this hindered my application but they kind of ignored that i wanted to change office and said my application was on hold :confused:


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they told me if I wanted to move office location I would have to do the whole application process again loool

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oh damn - i though because it’s another regional office in the north it wouldn’t be a big deal. haha oh well.
@1119 are you still on hold?


Really? I asked a friend of mine who works there who joined as a school leaver last year and he said they’re still hiring just delaying the interview date