EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


They mention Saville Consulting, SHL Talent Measurement and practiceaptitudetests.com on this page: https://ukcareers.ey.com/students/insights/psychometric-testing-what-you-need-to-know/


Just a motivational question on why I want to work for the practice area


What position are you applying for? :slight_smile:


consulting, you?


Anyone been shortlisted for an experience day? just found an email in my junk folder


Yeah I got mine yesterday. Which date did you choose?


5th November, you?


is anyone else waiting to be shortlisted for an AC? I got my email on the 7th and I still haven’t heard back yet… I applied to their corporate finance function in London if that is relevant


7th. Both are at the same place I think. All the best!


Got an AC on the 18th! Did anyone get any prep work to do? The website and last year’s forum mentioned it but I haven’t received anything?


anyone else applied for consulting -QAS in london? They keep asking additional questions for me? been in the shortlisting phase for a month now


If you dont get prep work then maybe your final interview will be after the 18th


Hey, everyone! I’ve been invited for the AC. Is anyone else going to the one in London on the 7th of Nov?


Hi everyone, I got an invitation to “ Learning On the Job” on Saturday. Anyone knows whether there is a deadline to complete this?
I’m planning to do on a Wednesday as I am only free then. Thank you for your help.