EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


Just Maths and English


Great! That’s so helpful, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
I had my final interview just over a week and a half ago but haven’t heard anything back yet… should I assume if I had an offer they would have called by now? Has anyone waited longer than this and still had an offer?


don’t assume anything, I have heard of people who waited months to get an offer. it just depends on the partner. what did you apply for?


Business Consulting in London, you? Have you heard back yet?


Are they using security watchdog? Do they also check temporary job experiences such as KFC or McDonalds? I may put some inaccurate information on my application form, just worried if they really pick some details up


They check everything you put down. I gave my 5 year employment history and they contacted every place, even down to the burrito stall I worked on 4.5 years ago. Be as honest as possible.


What educational certificates did they ask you for?


They use Sterling to conduct the pre-employment checks


Did you get an offer?



I am going to an AC for PAS this week. Would you be able to give some insight on how it went and how your partner interview went?


They start to use Sterling this year?


Did they check your period of employment or just verify you’ve been working there?


Hi, I have my experience day tomorrow! Would really appreciate it if you could provide insights and tips?


Hi, I received and accepted an offer in December, and have since completed my joiner form & submitted proof of national insurance. Just wondering if anyone knows if anything else needs to be done after this & when pre-employment checks take place. Thanks!



Has anyone applied for a grad job role at EY Edinburgh for Sept 2020 intake?


has yours changed to ‘offer’? have you heard anything yet?


have you applied for Edinburgh as well?


Yeah, mine changed to offer last Wednesday but I still haven’t heard anything. I was told to email again if I hadn’t heard within 2 weeks, which I did and was told there’s a backlog of applications causing delays but that I will definitely hear
by email or phone either way, but to let them know again in another week or two if there’s still nothing. Is that what you’ve been told too?


My interview was 7 weeks ago but only turned to offer this morning, so I was really hoping for an update in the day. I haven’t been in touch with student recruitment since last week, but when I have gotten in touch they just say there hasn’t been any update from the partner and they’ll let me know when they do hear something.