EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


@ LuvUSA hi can I contact you to ask about the EY Job simulation stage 3?


Hi! Could I pm you about the tax line application process for stage 3?


Hi guys! Anyone applying to the tax line, has anyone done the stage 3 learning about the job test and know what it’s like in terms of the video recording answer questions.

For example, how long will it be, is the test asking you generic motivation questions or to explain on a current hot topic in the market like fintech?


Hey guys, just accepted my offer today for FS Business Consulting. This page has honestly been so so helpful in keeping me in the loop - especially in terms of when I was waiting on EY to email back and seeing how other people were getting on in the process. So for everyone out there who’s in the process at the moment, this is the breakdown of the key dates for me.
1st October: Sent my Application Form

1st October: Received invitation to Online Tests ‘Learning for a Changing World’

2nd October: Completed ‘Learning for a Changing World’

4th October: Passed ‘Learning for a changing world’… Invited to complete ‘Learning on the Job’

7th October: Completed ‘Learning on the Job’

10th October: Passed ‘Learning on the Job’ and put on waiting list for ‘EY Experience Day’

6th November: Invited to ‘EY Experience Day’

12th November: Attended ‘EY Experience Day’

6th December: Passed ‘EY Experience Day’

23rd December: Invited to ‘Final Interview’

28th January: Completed ‘Final Interview’

30th January: Passed ‘Final Interview’

5th February: Received and Accepter Offer Letter

It’s a long process but so rewarding and definitely one of the best out there!

Good Luck

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Hi, congrats! which office was this for?


London FS so the Canary Wharf one :slight_smile:


How did you find out you passed the interview? By a phone call or email?


Phone call then email confirmation came afterwards


Amazing! Congrats! Is this for pure business consulting or business consulting quantitative advisory services?


Just Business Consulting


I’m now on the final interview stage for FS Assurance (Manchester) and I’m wondering what tips anyone has got?
I’m curious as to how people made their agenda ie. what format you used?
How did you present your information for the discussion and also, what sort of questions were asked?
I’d really appreciate some advice.


Hi, I have my assessment centre for the tax service line in Birmingham 11/02/20 (is anyone else attending this?), I was wondering if anyone could give me some insights on the day? Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated.


Could anyone tell me what the five core competencies are that they judge you off at the experience day?


Anyone still waiting to hear back after the final interview?


Anyone for business consulting grad get an email today stating their application is still on hold?


Yep I did, kind of losing hope that i’ll get an AC but let’s see