EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


did you get your offer through today?


Anyone who has an offer for april now anything about the induction? Is it multiple days?


Hi, anyone on here that applied to PAS (London)? How long did it take to hear back from your final interview? Or is there anyone who’s waiting atm (if so, when was your interview)? Does waiting long mean it’s a bad sign? Anyone know?


Is anyone else still at the shortlisting stage for an AC for Business Consulting grad scheme in London?


Hey, have you heard from EY yet? I am still waiting after the AC back in December


Anyone waiting to hear back from a final interview for tech consulting?


I applied to tech consulting. Had my interview on 20th. Still waiting


Yes, me. Have you tried ringing them for an update?


Nope, still nothing. I think they’re just taking their time with CS applicants.


I had my final interview wednesday last week and just got an offer this morning so around a week to hear back


And you applied to PAS (London) ??


Yep I did, they just said they were still reviewing applications. Not sure if they’ve started ACs yet :confused:


I’m in the same boat as you Dylan been shortlisted for The AC for ages, pretty sure they’ve been interviewing in the meantime.


Nah wasn’t for PAS but was in london


Hi, has anyone received an offer for business consulting summer internship in London? Did my video interview in October and not heard anything! Not even if I’m being shortlisted and I’m getting soooooo stressed :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I applied to PAS and haven’t even done my AC yet. It’s at the end of this month. Have you already completed the AC and partner interview?


Did you apply to PAS? I only got my AC invite after following up.


@ LuvUSA hi can I contact you to ask about the EY Job simulation stage 3?


Hi! Could I pm you about the tax line application process for stage 3?


Hi guys! Anyone applying to the tax line, has anyone done the stage 3 learning about the job test and know what it’s like in terms of the video recording answer questions.

For example, how long will it be, is the test asking you generic motivation questions or to explain on a current hot topic in the market like fintech?