EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


Hey anyone here having their AC on the 30th of Jan in London? If so, give me a shout and we can link up before :slight_smile:


Such a long wait!


Still waiting to hear from 13th Dec AC. Experience day feedback is no longer on my account area. Has this happened to anyone else?


Yes me as well it has been taken off my portal. I did my AC on 5th dec in manchester. Applied for summer internship business consulting. No reply yet.

May I know a rough idea of what ur feedback report said?


I think I had 8 natural and 1 finds it easy, can’t remember which category it was for though. How about you?


1 group task about a business idea, very generic assessment centre task
1 1-to-1 task where you are given 8 different offers for projects/activities to get involved in, you have to choose 5 of them and give reasoning for why
1 task about a business that needs help solving a problem and you are given some technologies that you can choose to implement to solve the problem
1 super easy maths test
1 task where you have to book a department meeting, given everyones availability + give reasoning

thats everything I had to do for mine back in november


I heard back after AC in 2 days that I was successful! I applied for the Luton office and I think it is much easier to get into than the London office. So if anyone is worried about competition and wants to work for EY I would recommend applying to Luton office as you can easily commute from London too! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I applied for the Birmingham office so didn’t expect it to take this long. When was your AC?


Yeah I logged on and mine is the same so wouldn’t worry


I applied for Birmingham as well and heard back three days after AC.


When did you have your AC? And what role?


Anyone had an interview recently? How long is the wait after the partner interview?


I had an interview on 06/01, still nothing…


Mine took a week


Ahh so annoying. What did you apply to?


Anyone have offer from EY Luton or Reading? I have and offer from Luton for assurance April start and not sure whether to change to Reading office and if it’s possible? (Mainly cus the commute seems better to Reading!)


Hi guys! New to this forum so congrats to everyone who has been successful!! And thanks to everyone who’s on here helping out :slight_smile: - I applied to PAS in London and just got an invite to the assessment centre on Feb 26 at Canary Wharf office.

Had a few questions for the people who have already gone through AC:

  1. Are candidates from different service lines participating in the same AC? Or is it just those within the same line?

  2. Does the AC look different for different service lines? For example, if I’m applying to PAS, do my activities and questions relate to PAS?

Hoping someone can help out!! Thanks so much :slight_smile:


candidates applying to different service lines will be there and you’ll all do the same activities

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Awesome, thanks!! Have you done an AC already?


No, its the same for everyone