EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


They called me and said that I have 10 days to complete it. But obviously wouldn’t recommend waiting until the last day.


Anyone else through to the experience day?


Have they invited you for the experience day? My status is currently Under Review too. Applied for Assurance in Edinburgh


Nope i’m in the same position as you, its been like that for a few weeks now


I’ve also passed the Learning on the Job stage and have been awaiting news about the assessment centre for a few weeks now. I applied for Technology Consulting in London.


They’ve got a list of AC dates on here so I am guessing we’ll start hearing about them from November onwards


Hopefully we will get put onto the AC that’s on the 18th October, the wait to find out is killing me!! I applied at the start of September so hopefully I was one of the first batch of people to actually apply.


Same here, i made sure i applied the day they opened; hopefully we’ll be put onto the 18th October AC


Yeah I applied on the second week of August haha. Hopefully we get called for the AC soon. There’s only one date for Scotland this year


Hi! Did anyone else get invited to the 18th Oct AC?


I think it might be mainly for the spring intake


Hi, congrats on passing Learning on the Job, I wanted to ask how much did you write for your motivations for the role?



I am applying for Economic Advisory London Sept 2020. Going to complete the Numerical Reasoning test at the end of stage 2 tomorrow. If there is anyone else applying for Economics Advisory and already completed stage 3, can you please tell me what the video questions are like?

I heard that on the thread for EY 2019, people kept mentioning technology and block chains for the video interview. I was just wondering, in my case, surely the questions would be economics related instead of technology? Also, can anyone share about the topic of the email essay question? Does that vary depending on which service line you apply for?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hope you’re all okay! Did EY use CAPP for stage 3 learning for a changing world? Or SHL?
Many thanks!



I had a problem with my internet connection while attempting to complete the Numerical Reasoning Test at then end of Stage 2. I never saw any of the questions (didn’t even get past the terms and conditions tick box page.) When I refreshed the page, the “Begin Assessment” yellow button disappeared and it says “Numerical Test in Progress” but I haven’t done anything whatsoever.

Already have emailed student recruitment enquires about this but because its Saturday, I know I won’t get a reply until Monday morning at the earliest.

Just wondering has anyone had a similar difficulty before? Would they just reset the portal for me and give another link? Since I saw no questions and did nothing and it was a technical glitch, there is nothing about gaining any unfair advantage.

Thanks for everyone’s help in advance.


Hi everyone, in the wait to find out if I got through to AC, I have been asked to fill out some additional questions relating to my motivation and why I have applied for the role. Did anybody else get the same thing?


Thats odd, did they say whether you passed the job simulation stage or not?


me too!!!


I got an email a few weeks ago saying I had passed. They said they would use the answer as part of the shortlisting stage. I thought it was odd since Im pretty sure there was a similar question in the video interview


What questions did they ask you to answer? I haven’t received anything like that.