EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


hi, i had my experience day on the 15th november and still havent heard back. Applying for TAS. Anyone in a similar position or have any info on it? thanks


Hi sxm, may I ask which division you applied for? FSO or UKI? I did my final interview on 26th Nov. in reading but I didn’t hear back until now … Many thanks


Thank you! They share the questions when you’re given the date for the interview. Have a look at last year’s forum, the questions are the same. There are EY articles on the topics which could help guide your preparation :blush:

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I applied for UKI!


Thanks! It seems like UKI always get back really quick, my friend also got the offer for UKI in two days! I applied for FSO so I think maybe I still need to wait for a while:joy:


passed AC two weeks ago and still waiting for final interview to be arranged. Anyone in the same position?


I had mine on 12th Nov for TAS and haven’t heard back


Do you think its the same for all of TAS then? I applied for OTS UK&I. Don’t suppose you know when we’re likely to hear?


Hey, is anyone attending the 13th December AC?


Hey I am attending the 13th December AC!! is anyone else??


Hey there, anyone who did Glasgow AC last Thursday got any updates? I have already asked a friend who did it as well, he has not heard back either :confused:


Hey! Which line did you apply for? Might be worth a phone call to student recruitment tomorrow as I was there and I heard back on Monday. Good luck!

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Tax FSO - did you get an email?


I’m assurance so that could be why I heard earlier! Yeah I got an email.

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Alright, makes sense. Thanks and good luck to you too x

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Just got my email saying I passed my 3rd Dec AC (and a phone call booking final interview about an hour later), so thought I’d share my experience:

You’re split into groups for the day, with about 12 people in each. Each group has a buddy that looks after you for the day and takes you to activities. Not sure if they were assessing us too (I don’t think so).

There’s 4 assessed activities:

  1. Individual note taking + presentation - You’re given some info on new technology and a company. About 5-10 mins to take notes on how tech could help solve their issues, then you go in pairs to an assessor to each do a 5 minute presentation with your findings, with some questions after. My presentation was definitely under the 5 min limit.

  2. Group work - Groups of ~4. You’re given the task and then you get 20 mins to brainstorm ideas as a group. Try to get all the ideas down but then make an actual plan of how you’d implement it. You have to write an individual email after (very time pressured), so you won’t have time to summarise 50 million different ideas.

  3. Maths test + activity - Maths test is super easy, 4 very basic questions with plenty of time. The calendar task after is harder - they give you info about your team’s calendar, and then you choose a meeting time. Don’t worry if you can’t get everyone to go - just make sure you have key people.

  4. One-to-one email task - You’re given 8 emails about different projects/activities people want you to get involved in, and you have to choose 5 to accept and 3 to reject. You make notes and then present (for ~20mins) to an assessor. They asked me a load of questions about why I’d chosen/rejected each one.

The activities themselves weren’t that hard, but most needed to be summarised afterwards in an email or report which was way more difficult. All typing is done on an iPad and it’s very time pressured. There’s also a lot of waiting around during the day - the activities only last 30-40 mins each.


congratulations! for what and where did you apply?


Heyy I am attending the 13thd Dec AC.


@u1601955 @da123

See you both there! Not sure how I’ll know who you both are though


Just got an email update from EY. Application has been put on hold following AC on 22nd Nov. Applied for Business Consulting London. Have been told that I will receive update over the coming month or Jan 2020. Confused as my feedback from AC was pretty positive (majority ‘naturally’). Anyone else in the same position?