EY 2020 Graduate Scheme


Hi, has anybody applied to the September 2020 intake? I have finished the Learning On The Job stage and am waiting to see if i have progressed. Anybody in the same position?


yes! What’s your service line?


I’ve applied for Audit in London, you?


Tech consulting in London. How did you feel about the stage 4? I think mine went pretty bad haha


I’ve just checked my portal and it’s changed to EY Experience Day - Under Review, but I have no idea how long it’s been like that. I think they’re shortlisting candidates for the first AC which is next month.


Wow congrats!! How long have you waited after finishing stage 4??


Hi, What did you study at university?


I’m not sure but I sat the video interview around 2 weeks ago


Accounting and Finance


Hey Adam, do you mind sharing what type of questions you had for the video interview please?? Also what sort of questions where there, maths sjts?


Hello Adam,
Could you share approximately what video questions you had to answer? I’m about to sit my test soon.


You get a few numerical and sjt questions at the start as well as an email task. There’s only 3/4 video questions at the end; There’s one about a case study on different types of technology(block chain etc) and one about why the service line, i cant remember the other one. You get 2 minutes to prepare so you should be fine, good luck!


Hi Adam, I’ve also just received the email updating the status to EY Experience Day - Under Review. Let me know if you have any good news! and good luck!!!


Congrats! I feel like it’ll be a long wait as the first experience day is on the 18th of October. Can I ask what service line and location you applied for?


I think so too… I’ve applied for consulting in London.


I have taken the EY Job Simulation and would be willing to provide general support and guidance.

Please add me on WhatsApp - 07375230685


I passed the Learning on the Job too for Tech Consulting in London. My status is now “EY Experience Day - Under Review”. In a thread for 2019 intake, I have seen people waiting for 2-3 months to move past this stage. I hope this won’t be the case! If someone has received an invite for an AC, please let us know.


Well I hope we don’t have to wait that long since we’ve applied pretty early, but I do feel it’ll take a couple of weeks at least


Also what do you think they base the shortlisting process on?


Do you guys know how many days is the deadline to complete the online assessment?