EY 2018 Summer Internship - Is there a partner interview or is it just for Graduate Schemes?


Could someone with experience in the 2018 EY Summer internship help me out.

On EY’s site for Summer Internship (Assurance) it says:
“How do I apply?
Complete the online application form, and you’ll then complete online strengths assessments. If you’re successful, you’ll then be able to book yourself on a telephone interview - this is a good time to express your strengths and motivations in working for EY. If you’re successful you’ll then come to your local office for an assessment centre, where you’ll receive an outcome based on your performance on the day. We’ll do our best to bring you through the process in 8 weeks or less.”

I’ve been invited for the Assessment Centre and in the e-mail it says nothing about an interview as well just the exercises.

Will we find out if we got the internship position on the day of the Assessment Centre?

Thank you and good luck to everyone!


They no longer make internship applicants have a partner interview. You should expect a call within a week or so where they tell you whether you have the position or not!