Ey 2017 intake



Hi everyone since there wasnt a forum for 2017 intake i though i should create this so we can all help each other


Hi, I just completed my assessments for EY autumn 2017 intake in assurance and wasn’t asked to do the numerical reasoning test. Has this happened to anyone else?


There is one already. Look at the one towards the top of the list.


Hi, it wasn’t there. I only got Situational Strengths Assessment, Business Behaviours Assessment, and the What’s Your Mind-set Assessment on my application profile. This is a little concerning.


Yes, this indeed this - very. And that too for something like assurance which requires one to be very numerate.



Yes, I first got an email to do the Situational Strengths Assessment, Business Behaviours Assessment, and the What’s Your Mind-set Assessment.

Once this was completed about a week later I was invited to complete the Numerical Reasoning and a Verbal Reasoning assessments.

Good Luck (:


I found out I was successful at the AC a week ago but have not heard anything regarding the final interview date. Does anyon know how long this usually takes? And is there a presentation involved in the final interview?
Thank you


How long did it take them after the AC to get back to you and did they do email or phone?


Hey, has anybody done the strengths based telephone interview yet, I am due to have one and was hoping to get some insights into what type of questions will come up and how best to prepare?


Hey congrats! I was wondering if you could provide us with some advise on the AC? :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. Just want to say thanks so much for all the advice and feedback provided on this website. It has been incredibly helpful throughout the recruitment process. I am now moving on to the AC and thought I’d give back to the community by sharing some insight from my experience so far.

Online Tests
The best way to prepare is simply to practice. You may be really good at maths or have strong language skills, but you won’t be at your best unless you get into the right mindset in order to perform the tests quickly and accurately. I have paid to access two websites for tests: practiceaptitudetests.com and assessmentday.co.uk. The second was by far the most helpful, and was well worth the money. As for the EY tests themselves - they were fairly easy compared to some others, like IBM. I would say paying attention to detail and reading questions carefully is the single best advice I can give.

Phone Interview
Despite EY’s own sugestion that you need not prepare much for a strength based interview, I prepared thoroughly. I think it paid off. The reason is you will want to have a good set of examples prepared for whatever questions may come. Remember your competition will be telling them the very best about themselves, and you should do the same. One tip is the interview was very short - so know your strengths well ahead of time so you can portray them generously in just 4 or 5 answers. Also, every question I was asked was listed in the EY 2016 intake page on wikijobs! If you really want this position then stop asking others to do your job for you and get reading through the forums.

One last advice: if you’re waiting for your AC, call them up and get it scheduled. Being proactive apparently pays off during the recruitment process.

Best of luck


hey, thank you for sharing. I need to do the first three you mentioned. Would you please give me some advice?




Hi, I attended an AC on the 12th Dec, still haven’t heard anything back from EY. Heard that you usually hear back within 2 day, do you think I should email EY asking about the status of my application? Something to consider though is that I had my AC in a different office to where I applied, maybe that could be the reason for the delay? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey guys, so today i get two emails from EY. Both saying i made it to the next stage but one is inviting me to a telephone interview and one to an AC.

Anyone had this problem?


Hi, did you pass the numerical and verbal test? how do you feel about verbal reasoning test?


Hi! Congratulations on having your AC! I will have mine soon, any tips?


Had my telephone interview for Jan 2018 Consulting on 21st December and passed.
How long will it take before I am given an AC date?


hi same here . have u heard anythink since still waiting for the Ac


i know someone who heard back 30 mins later