EY 2016 Intake


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Hi everyone,

EY will open 2016 intake starting from tomorrow, 3 August.

There a lot of topics on this forum about each intake year, so I guess now there is a need for new topic about 2016 intake.

Let's share our experiences regarding our future online tests, interviews, ACs and help each other to get a job at EY!


This might sound a bit random, but I can’t seem to find the UCAS requirements for graduate schemes.
All it says on the job description page is that you have obtained an honours degree.


Hi everyone,

I am an international student and I am going to commence my MSc this September at Warwick and my course ends on 30th September 2016. Would I be eligible to apply for the Sept 2016 intake at EY? I have talked to the recruitment team and they have told me to instead wait for one year, and apply for the January 2017 intake. There however don’t seem to be any January 2016 intake opportunities at the moment. Are they usually there?

Thanks a lot!


They have removed certain academic requirements (like PwC have) for 2016 onwards so there are no UCAS requirements.


cheers, I see that they followed PwC.


I saw it and now I got confused.
Does it mean that EY start to require 1st class? As far as I remember, in previous years it was 2:1st class.


No, it means they don’t care about your degree classification at all. Or your UCAS points for that matter. Just as long as you have a degree with honours, so 1st, 2:1, 2:2 and maybe a 3rd. (I am not sure if a 3rd is passing with honours)


I just googled it and find out that all degrees except “pass” are degrees with honours. Previously, I thought only 1st class is considered as honours degree.

So it means now there will be more applicants and competition will be much more tougher.


What do you guys plan to attach to the application?
Cheers :slight_smile:


I was wondering the same thing. I think a CV is sufficient?
Also, I didn’t get any motivation questions for assurance.Did you guys get any?



I see that this year EY has changed their process a bit. Instead of 1st round interview at office, there is telephone interview now. And also no inductive reasoning test this year.


Hi.Did you have to answer any motivation questions at the application stage?



No inductive reasoning tests? how do you know about it mate? did EY invite you to interview right after the application?

Regarding the interview, last year they had telephone interview option as well, it just depends on the applicant wish I guess. Last year EY invited applicants to office interview, but there was also an option to choose telephone interview.


I saw this on their website. Check out the application process.
It doesn’t mention anything about Inductive reasoning.


I will complete my MSc September 11th 2015. Will start for EY on September 7th 2015. It’s fine, you’ll only be writing your dissertation next summer so just get it done early.


Hello all!

I am starting employment at EY in September and went through the application process a couple of weeks ago.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the process. Happy to help :slight_smile:


hi mate,

can you plz share your experience regarding the group and written exercise?


Hey. Congrats on getting the offer.
Which role / location did you apply for?


@Samzeri - Yes of course. Although, the written & group exercise descriptions can be found in the forum page EY GRAD SCHEME 2015. There are many in-depth descriptions of the tasks there and they are all very precise. The tasks I completed on the day were identical to those listed on this page.


Thank you brisan.

I applied for the extended travel assurance team in the new Belfast office.