EY 2015 Graduate Scheme



Hi I was just wondering did anybody start apply for EY’s 2015 intake graduate scheme. I’ve submitted my online application form and completed the strength test by last Friday and have received the pass email yesterday which told me to do the Psychometric test. Finished that one by last night but still got no reply from them. I’ve applied EY’s 2014 Summer Internship last November but unluckily I failed in the final Assessment Center and Partner interview, so this time is my second time. Hope can have some communication with you guys who wanna apply too. Good Luck for every one.


Hi, I applied for Audit in London for 2015 intake on the 2nd July and got through to the aptitude test and completed that on the 9th…

Still haven’t heard back from them… Is this normal? I thought the result would be fairly speedy as it’s a multiple choice test? Anyone else in the same boat?



Hey, I reapplied on last Thursday and finished the aptitude test twos days ago. Got the interview notice today by phone but currently already can be arranged in August. Mine first interview will be on 4th Aug, It’s Financial Service Audit.


Hi there . I am applying for the 2015 scheme anod I am still stuck on the application form… can you please tell me what word limot you applied to your answer abt why you are suitable? Also i have focused my answer arnd the what we are looking for section… Is that sthg you have done as well?


Hi all

Has anyone heard back regarding invitation to first interview? I received the online test ‘pass email and we will be in touch about the next steps’ on Monday 21 but nothing since…

Imad.ilyas.5: since there was no word limit I ensured I put down everything I wanted to say in my app. I must have written quite a lot as my application could not submit due to having exceeded the character limit (of 4000 if I recall). But I would think this limit is just an in-built thing so that applicants do not write endless essays! :slight_smile: And yes, I tailored my answer to the what they are looking for section as well as some research of what the role generally requires (I applied for pensions actuarial - sept 2015).

Could we get this thread going for 2015 places? :slight_smile: I’ve seen how helpful they have been for previous intakes…



Hi, would it be possible for someone for anybody to tell me what to expect with the online strength test? What kind of scenarios? Anything I need to prepare for?


you don’t need to prepare anything special, just bearing in mind some common sense and be positive!


Just had first interview at EY. Ask me anything!


Hey, i will have mine next Monday, did you apply auditing position for next year’s graduation role?


Done my first interview on 28th, got through to AC. Anyone waiting for theirs? I am not sure whether to apply for 13th or give myself more time and go on 21st.


I am waiting my first next monday, not sure whether I can apply for the 21st AC time.


hi, I just received their call for arrangement of my first round interview and I booked on 12th of August. Anybody knows whether there are situation based questions or only competency based questions?


Hi Guys, I was recently successful in obtaining an offer from EY for their Graduate stream for September 2014.

I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on the credit checks done as part of pre employment screening. I have a low credit rating at the moment although nothing serious on my credit file. No CCJ’s, no bankruptcy or fraud or anything like that. I have a few phone bills which were a month or two late but am all totally up to date with them all. Have an authorised overdraft with my bank which I’ve had for about 4 years. Being a student I haven’t sought getting into any agreements other than my phone bill so nothing else on my account except a few pay-day loans which were all paid on time. However I do have a default on my account which is in the process of getting fixed as it was my movement between service providers and not good communication on their part which has caused the problem. I am sure it will be removed and the amount on the default was only £37, I mean, had I known that I had that outstanding payment I would have obviously paid it.

I have been really really worried about this so if somebody could categorically clear this up for me I will answer any questions whatsoever about the recruitment process and offer any information I have. Please respond asap and thanks in advance.


I got a email saying that i passes the psychometric test last Thurday, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Is the next stage a face-to-face interview? Could anybody who had the interview tell me more about it? is it a strength based interview which contains 30 questions just like previous threads said? Many thanks.
I am so nervous coz i don’t have any business background and this would be my first interview.
Good luck and best wishes to everyone.


Hi hazz112

I have no knowledge of what’s involved in EY’s background checks, however my best advice would be to contact EY and ask them what’s generally involved in their screening. And if they mention that credit checks form part of their screening then just be honest with them about what they will find and why. I’m sure they wouldn’t withdraw an offer before giving you a chance to explain this (assuming they do carry out credit checks in the first place), and the fact that you would have been honest about it in advance would reflect well on you. Let me know how it goes. good luck! :slight_smile:



Hi, I am sorry I cannot help you with your question. I just wanted to get your advice as to what to expect on assessment day? I am very confused in particular about the writing exercise and how did you find the partner interview? P.S I am applying for consultancy. Thank you in advance.


Anyone has an assessment day on 13?


Hey I have mine on 15 th, are u going for 13 th?


Hi guys! I have applied for Audit for September 2015 too. I have my first round interview on 22nd August, and was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions?

Since I will be travelling from overseas, I have a provisional booking for an assessment centre and partner interview for the 26th too, anyone know how to go about that?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


whats the best provider to pratice for