EY 2014 Starters (Graduate)


received an offer from EY for a September 2014 start in London for Assurance - Financial Services. Anyone else got offers from EY? Thought it would be good idea to start a thread for other people who have already got offers and are joining in 2014 to discuss what department and office they are in. Ohhh and if you are still going through the process good luck!!!


I’ve also accepted an offer for Assurance - FS in London.

I wish time would go by faster.


Hi guys, I’ve got an offer for Assurance UK&I London and also really want to start now haha . How long did you guys have to wait to get your welcome packs/contracts ?


It took three days for the contract to come through via email and a couple of weeks for the welcome pack to come through the post. I live in North America so it probably took longer for me to get the pack.


Thank you for your answer @Yankee . I only got the call from the partner on friday but haven’t had any emails so was getting a little worried. It will probably all take a little longer due to Christmas coming up . Woah that’s great , what made you want to come to London ? If you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile:


Haha. I can relate. I think I called my HR contact the day after to ask what the next steps were. Since my offer was made about a year before my start date, and they were still recruiting for the 2013 start, I obviously wasn’t very high on their priority list.

I really wanted to live in Europe again so this seemed like a great way to do it. EY was my number one choice from the get go so it all came together pretty well in the end.

Are you going to be on the graduate scheme as well?


I’ve created a Facebook group for 2014 UK Joiners.

To access it, use the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/509909589117299/


Haha yes I’ve called them as well but she said not to worry too much they’re just really busy so i might have to wait until after Christmas :).
Woah that’s brilliant :slight_smile: have you thought of accommodation yet etc.? I’m so excited for september haha i just want it to go quick but i have an another term at uni . I’ve applied for the placement scheme so I have an another year at uni after the placement :frowning: but hopefully it will lead to a grad position :slight_smile: . I guess we’ll speak on facebook , hope you’re well and Merry Christmas :smiley:


Hi All,
I recently had my partner interview for the Audit graduate scheme in L eeds and I still have not heard any response yet. I am really worried and curious as of how long does it usually take them to respond because after my AC I got the response within 2 hours. Also, does this mean its going to be a rejection since the are taking so much time? :confused: