EY 2014 Offers



Though still early in the recruitment cycle, many people are starting to recieve offers from EY for September 2014.

I thought I’d create this thread so that those with offers can make contact with other 2014 joiners and to share experiences with those still going through the application process.

I’ve received an offer for FS Assurance in London for 2014 so will happily answer any questions people may have regarding the application process.


Hey , Congratulations on your offer !
I have an assessment centre coming up soon and am so nervous. Could you tell me a little bit more about your AC ?
There isn’t much on the EY website and i looked through previous years but am a bit worried as the process seems to change quite often and was wondering what mine might look like.
Thanks so much, I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


I am struggling with my first interview. It is coming up soon. I am super nervous now. Could you give me some advices and any helpful websites? Thank you so much!



There’s tons of advice on previous threads that goes into a lot more detail. However, the gist of it is: The tests on the day seem harder. Maybe it’s the added pressure or maybe they actually are harder, but most people seem to pull through on this hurdle. You have to do 8 questions of each type in six minutes. My online tests were a year ago so I don’t really remember what they were like in comparison to the ones in my AC which was about six months ago as well, but from what I can remember, they felt similar.

The report was pretty standard. They gave us quite a few pages and we were expected to summarise the relevant information into a page or two (typed). There was a lot of irrelevant information so make sure you’re filtering what you’re summarising. Additionally, I put in some ratio analysis and percentages from the numbers given. After all, you are applying for a position in accounting, so this is a good chance to show that you’re good with numbers.

You should use something like bullet points or tables to organise your report. Be concise and make sure you’re using proper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. I don’t think they’re grading too much on grammar but you don’t want to alienate the person correcting it.

The group discussion part is where you’re given some sort of initiative that the firm wants to undertake and you’re expected to discuss it amongst yourselves. Each one of you is given a different subsect of the same initiative and you come together to discuss it after reviewing your individual parts. Don’t take over the conversation, allow your teammates their time to shine, don’t cut someone off, look at the people you’re talking to, ask some reasonable questions to show your understanding, don’t look down on your notes all the time, keep a track of the time and try to remember everyone’s names. It’s not difficult but sometimes the pressure of an assessment centre can make some people act differently than how they’d normally behave socially.

@mixtheory: This is a strengths-based interview so expect more questions along the lines of: Do you like working in teams as opposed to Tell me about a time where you failed in a team-based setting. There’s a lot of information, including interview questions on old threads. Use the search function. I used those to prepare for my own interview and they were pretty accurate.

Good luck to the pair of you!


@Yankee thank you very much for all your help :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.


Hi, congratulations on your offer!
I have just accepted an offer for FS Advisory London with EY. Do you know if there are any Facebook groups going about?
Good luck to anyone else going through the process right now, I’m happy to answer any questions


As far as I am aware, there aren’t any Facebook groups ATM. I was going to but a bit reluctant to do so just yet as it’s still pretty early. Though could post the link on here if I do. What do you think?


Yep, I agree, probably a bit early. Let me know if you do make one :slight_smile:


Hey , guys. thank you all very much for sharing all the valuable information

I have an assessment centre coming up soon as well. Could you please tell me a little bit more about your AC ? I have read the previous posts, and can I ask for example, for the group exercise, did you guys get topics about renewable energy?

Thanks in advance. I appreciate your help a lot!! :))


Yes, the brief was about renewable energy.


Hi everyone! Do you know how long we should wait after the partner interview to know the result? It’s been 2 days and I haven’t heard anything from them…


I’m applying for IT Advisory UK&I London


I heard back the day after (FS Assurance). I know that someone else waited for a week to hear back (UK&I Assurance).

If you haven’t heard back by Thursday, I’d probably ring the person who arranged your partner interview.


Thank you a lot!

So did that person get an offer? Or was waiting a bad sign? I read other older threads and saw some people get an offer after 7-10 days. Still, the wait is awful.


If anything, waiting is a good sign. If possible, they prefer for the partner to deliver the good news so a wait is often a result in the partners availability. I had to wait for a few days to hear back, but the partner had warned me that that would be the case due to his busy schedule


That person did get an offer. Waiting can be for a variety of reasons. Like EY2014 said, the partner might be really busy. Sometimes the partner may want to compare notes or even different candidates.

No news is good news. If the partner didn’t like you, that could’ve been an immediate rejection. The wait is indeed awful but hang in there. You’ll probably look back at this this fondly later.


Congrats on the offer EY2014,
Received an offer for FS - Assurance in London as well. c.m.f, similar to what other people have said the partner told me at the end of the interview the decision is usually made in a day or two but they like to be the ones who calls you and give you the news, so waiting doesn’t mean its bad news!


Congratulations on all your offers guys,
I have received an offer for London Assurance UK&I and can’t wait to meet you all in September !
@EY2014 thank you for your tips about the AC they have helped me a lot :slight_smile:
Good luck to anyone else that is still going through the recruitment process , feel free to PM me if you have any questions :slight_smile:


I’ve created a Facebook group for 2014 UK Joiners.

To access it, use the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/509909589117299/


I have my first interview coming up in a week and have become a little panicked as EY first interview questions seemed to be so varied in comparison to other firms. I was wondering if you could share what questions you were asked in you first interview. It would be a massive help. Thanks.