EY 2014 intake (graduate)



Not sure if this thread has already been started. So whos applying/applied for the 2014 intake? I have my first interview this week for Audit and would love to find out if the process has changed to what others have mentioned on this forum for previous years.

Also is the first interview still strengths based?

Thanks in advance!


Hi cadoodle

Sorry I can’t be much help, but I was just wondering how many days there were (or are) between the day you scheduled your interview and the actual interview? I have to call in to schedule mine but I’m not even in the country for another week so I’m freaking out a bit. Would you say they are rather flexible when it comes to scheduling interviews or are they just giving you a time and date and expect you to attend? :smiley:

Thanks and good luck with your interview!


Hi guys, out of curiosity, which offices have u applied for? and which stream? Most offices for Audit seem to be closed atm. I am also going to go for Audit.


Thanks supyoooo! I think the time frame is dependent upon the schedule of the manager whos interviewing you. They were quite flexible. I got the call last week for scheduling, I had told them anytime this week, so they suggested a slot and I confirmed through email.

The recruitment team seems like a nice bunch. so you could always give them a call and arrange a convenient time. But dont leave it until too late. good luck!

@fiksi I’m going for the Audit-FS London position (applied in August)


The process isn’t different to previous years. if you look on wikijobs and gather a list of all the possible questions they could ask for. Just make sure you give examples for every question that is asked - and there are ALOT of questions. More than your standard competency interview. The Interviewers are really nice so they make you feel at ease.

The AC was pretty easy tbh. Group exercise, Psychometric tests and Written report. All fairly straight forward and no preparation needed before hand. People at my AC said they found the written report hard, but it’s just a matter of being good at synthesising information together and creating an analysis. They are not looking for much at all. Just don’t get too bogged down in the info. Again, the people were great.

I haven’t had my final interview, yet. They’re still waiting for a partner to be available. Just hoping he’s a good interviewer… I applied for 2014 advisory btw


cadoodle, thx. FS London is open, yes. Seems it still is? Anyway, I was thinking core Audit actually(also in London), looks like more varied experience. Can anyone comment on this? Also, do you know how many people are recruited for different audit depts? I am not sure what is best longterm.


Hi all, I’ve just got my offer for EY in Direct Tax FS in London. The offer came from the summer internship I have just finished rather than interviewing this year (I interviewed last year) but if anyone needs any help PM me, I have sponged off wikijobs for too long without giving anything back!

Good luck guys.


Hi, i have my interview for Audit next week and i was wondering if anyone who has had it already can share some of the qs they were asked? Thanks in advancee


I passed my first round interview in august, I then went on a holiday after that. I just got back now and EY has not sent me any update on my AC.

How long does it usually take for them to arrange an AC after the first interview? Should I give them a ring and see what’s going on? I applied to FS advisory too btw.



Congrats on getting passed the first stage! There does seem to be a bottle neck from first interviews to AC’s. I had to call them several times to get myself on top of the list. Keep calling once/twice a week. You should have a contact who emailed you that you passed the first round. That’s who I called. My contact was very helpful, so don’t be afraid to be a bit pushy.


Thanks GarethBrady, your comment is very useful!

So have you had your AC already or are you still waiting for an arrangement even when you are on the top of their list? I have a feeling that the roles are going to be filled up so quickly and that they will no longer have AC for this year very soon …


Hi guys, something seems strange, some roles have not opened at all yet, others are filled it seems? Audit UK&I for example most of it is still closed. Lets see what happens.


Hey, you might want to email them because a lot of roles get filled up with interns and just don’t open for Grads - or have opened for a few days and closed again. Best of luck x


Also, GarethBrady - thanks for your help!

I recently had the interview for Audit (dont know if ive passed yet but fingers crossed :confused: ) Qs i can remember:

  • how do you make others confident in your abilities
    -Why EY?
  • how do you deal with a mess?
  • how have you used what you know to improve a situation
  • do you enjoy teamwork? I only got to say ‘yes, deffo’ before she asked what was your contribution to a team?
  • how do you deal with a problem
  • how/do you like expanding your network of friends?
  • What is your proudest achievement?
  • Can you be successful without working hard?
  • What is your weakness?
  • What are you currently working on improving about yourself?
  • Used what you know to solve a problem (i panicked and gave a verryy bad answer for this so really worried :/)
  • How do you feel when you’ve helped someone?
  • Do you like challenges?
  • What is different about EY from the Big 4? - she phrased this so it was about the actual people + office culture
  • How do you make the most of your time?

There were about 18 and the interviewer I had was very nice. She introduced herself and then asked me ‘what i’m doing atm’

At the end, obvs ask them qs - I looked my interview up on LinkedIn so I found out what she specialized in and had qs based on this. Obvs they tell you in the interview but better to be prepared :wink:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I have applied for Advisory for September 2014. Found out on 24/9 that I passed the AC.

Still waiting to book in partner interview. Anybody else in the same boat?


Did you get feedback from your AC btw? When they rang me about 2hrs after, they didn’t give me any feedback - just said I passed and everything was fine. Not sure whether this is a good or bad thing?


Same with me. I wouldn’t worry about it, I imagine we get the feedback in the partner interview. Let me know when you hear!


Will do! Everything is just so dependant on the partner arghh, just hope mine is a nice guy/woman. How would you say your commercial knowledge is atm? Probably the part I’m most worried about. And you heard anything about the partners at EY just generally when it comes to the final stage?


Hi people, does anyone have an interview for UK&I Audit London graduate position soon?


Can anyone please share their first interview questions?? I have one on monday. Pleasee I will be thankful