EY 2012 assessment center


I am going to give EY assessment centre for audit in Birmingham. Although I have read most of the posts on assessment centers here but I would like to know how to prepare for specific tasks that are included in the new assessment center for example group discussion, error-checking and laptop exercises.

Also, is an e-tray / in-tray exercise included in the new assessment center or not? I am a bit confused about it.



Hi, I went to the ey assessment centre last week and have been offered a position.
The day really isn’t that hard, but a bit intense.
I assume you already know pretty much the layout of the day, so I wont repeat in much depth.
But there are 4 tasks:
Company info - condensing co. info into a 1 page brief, also write a quick letter to invite someone to a seminar.
Telephone call with Sam - giving feedback and constructive criticism
Group discussion - assuming yours will be the same then it will be CSR
Test - same as online ones to make sure you didn’t cheat
In terms of prep, I’d say that theres not a lot you can do for the first two tasks. With the company info one select only the main points and write about a page not more, unless you’re really fast. You only have 45 mins for this and the short letter.
For the phone call again no prep really just know how to give constructive feedback, don’t get angry at Sam be calm and direct and helpful.
For the group task, do the prework you were set (I assume its CSR) find info on the benefits and risks to a company of it. I did about 4 pages of research which was more that necessary. But find good examples. Also find out in relation to small businesses as we were told to do this on the day and it took us a bit by surprise so find examples for small businesses as well. The just make good points, listen well and dont be rude and interrupt. Just be confident and nice and you’ll be okay.
So the group one is all you can do for prep really. In general just be confident and yourself. Talk to the employees who will be helping and assessing you. Get to know them and have a chat. Will give a much better impression of you. Don’t be too nervous, talk to the other candidates and enjoy the day. You’ll be fine, good luck.


Cheers Mark thanks a lot there should be more people like you :smiley:


Hi can i just ask you what is the best way to give the feedback. furthermore after youve given the feedback does sam ask you any questions on the feedbackk



Does anyone know if the graduate positions for Assurance(London) have been filled?


sabs7591 - best way is to tell him his areas of weakness and give him advice on how he can improve on these areas. One example would be to use spell check, simple as that. Another example is to be consistent with formatting. provide him with constructive criticism, but be understanding and willing to help, since Sam’s not having the time of his life and he needs support.

ando0819 - your best bet is to check on their website and give them a call. I don’t think anyone will know better than the grad. rec. themselves.


Hi thank you really helpful with the spell check and formatting advice. When you say constructive criticism what do you mean?. And does sam get angry?


I mean make sure to tell him where he’s gone wrong, but do it in a way that encourages him - i.e. make him see it as an opportunity to learn.

Sam doesn’t really get angry - he’s just upset and sort of feeling that he’s being given more than he can handle. When you talk to him he insists that he can’t deal with what he’s given. Again, encourage him, give him few pieces of advice on time management and stuff… What I did was I asked him not to give up and follow my advice for a few weeks, and let me know how he got on.

Basically you need to be really supportive. But if you find yourself rushing to his office to give him a hug, then you’ve gone too far.


haha thanxs for your advice. Also how long should the written report with the case study be. I know that they ask 4 questions so roughly about a page becasue you dont want to right to much… Do you make your recommendations at the end of the wirtten report?.


Well, I wrote about a page and a half I think, but a lot of what I wrote were pretty much copy-pastes to be honest. And I didn’t even have enough time to make my own recommendations. The good news is that I still passed, so make sure you do not get discouraged if one exercise does not go very well.

If I were to do it again, I think I’d write my recommendations / opinions throughout the summary, emphasising that that bit is my personal opinion. But obviously you should do whatever you feel more comfortable with. Just remember not to be overwhelmed by the length of the information and take out the main points.


Thank you ronin you have been of great help…just one final query…how would you best approach the campus event planning activity becasue you have to sort out and organise alot of information…Thanxs again.


sabs - I would really advise you to go through the other threads on EY. The campus event planning exercise hasn’t been around for a while now!


have you got a place on the 2012 scheme? if so congraculations… what activities did you do in the day…no need to go into too much detail… Do you know with sam’s feedback report… he is probably not the auditor so why is it his responsibility for the mistakes on the audit report…THANK YOU again i cant stress that enough


ando0819 - yep assurance london positions have all been filled. I had interview but have had to change office to Edinburgh now. Shame!


The activities include: group exercise, report checking and feedback exercise, report summarising exercise, psychometric testing, and the final partner interview. There’s a lot of info about them on the other threads, so i won’t go into details.

I’m not sure I understand your question about Sam, but basically it was his responsibility to write the report about that audit, and he kind of messed up. So you should give him feedback so that next time he produces a better report.


Thanks for that…I will try to make this my last question :)…i really appreciate your help:D…do you know for the partner interview what kind of questions do they ask…anything on the economy?..is it still competency based…if you can remember any that would be fab



Haha you really don’t want to look at the other threads do you? Fine, I was saying it for your own sake - all your questions are answered in detail there…

Anyway - the partner interview very much depends on the partner interviewing you. Generally, it will be focused on how you think your day went, what you could have done better, and how you would be able to use the competencies you demonstrated on that day during your employment with EY.

That said, there’s a whole bunch of questions that came up in my interview. From the usual ‘why EY, why this service line’ to ‘What gets you up in the morning’, to ‘do you think creating the Euro was a mistake’. So there’s no way you will know what questions will pop up, best you can do is prepare for a whole bunch of questions.


can i just ask you something in regard to the numerical verbal diagramttic tests…im guessing if you fail one youve probably failed the assesment centre?


Hey Ronin!

Got my AC tomorrow. Was just wondering what happens after this?
I’ve read that if you get a call before 10 you pass and an email confirms your unsuccessful.
So what happens if you pass? And if you don’t pass when can you apply again?
Btw your threads have been extremely helpful! Last question… For the interview how can i prepare?

Thnx i hope to hear from you before my AC