EY 2011 Starters


Anyone starting in 2011 London? If so, anyone thought about accommodation in London yet?


Hi! Me :slight_smile: just posted my contract. No not begun to think about accomodation yet. Do you know if there’s a facebook group?I’m sure I read on here there was.Id be interested to see what everyone else is doing/where’s best to live etc. Where is the college?Hmm…lol. What line of service are you working in?


Hello! I have been given an offer for consulting in 2011, how long did it take for you guys to get your contracts through?


mine took 2 months…


Im starting in 2011…London office…Audit FS :slight_smile:


I’m starting in 2011 too but in Edinburgh not London! Audit UK&I. Found a facebook group called Ernst & Young 2011 Starters :slight_smile:


hi everyone

I’ll be starting in london in 2011. Curious as to what offers are like though. I plan to accept pending negotiations, but send me a message if you’re ok with comparing offers.



Is there a group yet for flat sharing? Couldn’t find one on facebook.


Starting in London Corporate Finance 2011 :slight_smile:


Hey guys, starting in 2011 London audit FS. PM me to add me on facebook if you’re interested in doing a flatshare! I’m from the US so i’m just preparing.


Hey everyone… well done on successfully getting through all the stages! I’ve got a Sept 2011 starting position in the Reading office with Audit UK&I… Anyone else?


Hi everyone!

Congratulations on your offers! Anyone here starting Bristol this year? I have a position in Audit UK&I.


was wondering, how long did it take to get confirmation of your starting time etc? The time between my AC and contract being sent was barely a week but since I accepted I’ve not heard anything. Anyone else in same position? Also who’s interested in comparing offer stuff?


Your start time should be in your contract? Mine is.


Your start date is listed in your contract, although you’ll be sent a confirmed date closer to the date listed. It won’t deviate too much for the date stated in the contract, if at all for that matter. They’ll send you little snippets of information here and there, but they really won’t be in touch all that much until it comes time to confirm your start date and salary. I wouldn’t stress about it too much, perfectly normal.


ok thanks. what I meant was how long until there’s a confirmation that everything is OK - i.e. referee and background checks etc.


I don’t think they do give you confirmation, except to confirm start date and details etc. The instance in which you’d hear from them would probably be if you totally lied and nothing checks out haha. I think your confirmed start date etc etc etc is confirmation. somewhere in the contract it says they send you more information closer to the time you start. Don’t forget, your offer of employment is a confirmed offer on EY’s part-meaning if you sign on the dotted line, you’re in, which is why I don’t think you’ll get a confirmation because it’s already assumed.


Although not for E&Y, I too am also waiting for the vetting checks to be completed. I’m already a month in, waiting approx another 2-4 weeks for it to finish.
I recieved a conditional contract which was very brief (had salary, start date). Although start date and finer details are announced later on!
Regarding the actual pre-employment checks (annoying as it is); if you don’t hear anything for ages, thats a GOOD thing. Like Juliad33 said, they would only contact if something was amiss, wrong, blatant lie!

Best Wishes


hey doobeedoo, may I ask when did you do the AC in bristol and when were made an offer? thx!


thanks juliad33, I’ll try to relax about it now :slight_smile: