ExxonMobil Online Test



congrats septemaugust on passing your test.

From what they have written, they will now go and review your answers to the 3 competency questions. That will determine your been invited for the phone interview.
Did you manage to answer all the questions? How many do you think you answered corrected?


Hi all,
Good luck to everyone on the Exxonmobil reruitment process. I was wondering if anyone has done the Technical placement phone interview. How was it like and what sort of questions were you asked.
Any contribution is highly appreciated.


Hi everybody,

I’m wondering if you could help me as I’ve applied for a Credit Analyst position and they asked me to do a test that:

“consists of 3 parts: some mathematical questions, practical and theoretical part related to the position of Financial Analyst”.

I guess the math Qs will be SHL based but does anyone have any idea about the rest?
Any help would be really appreciated…my test is on Monday!



Hi everyone,
I am presently in the same situation has bubumax. I have just recently applied for the finance graduate scheme and I was invited to write a psychometric test yesterday.

Please can anyone tell me on what I should expect?

I am serious nervous at the moment



does any one know how long it takes to get a response, after completing the 3 further competency questions, after passing the numerical test,

For the engineering discipline’s



Has anyone undergone the telephone interview???


Any hints/ tips??


Pls did anyone apply to Mobil UK for their IT graduate role. I passed their online test a week ago and they said they will now review my application further. I have not heard from them since then. anyone in d same boat






I just took my online assessment yesterday. Still haven’t heard anything back, my application just reads that it’s beinf reviewed. How long did it take you guys to receive your results from phase 1 test?