ExxonMobil Online Test



Hi guys, I am invited to take a mathematical test with ExxonMobile. Does anyone know which kind of test is it? Is it similar to SHL tests?
Please, all opinions are welcome!


I think they were exactly SHL, found them easier than other tests I have done. I have a phone interview coming up, so if anyone has had one with them, please share your experience.


Hi Harmony, thanks for your comment indeed. If its really SHL I feel more relaxed now :))
When is your telephone interview? It would be really kind from you if you could share your experience after.
Thanks again!


hw do i get to npractise 4 d mobil online test


From my memory (it has been a couple of years since I did them) but they were SHL tests. Quite hard though, and probably one of the more difficult ones that I have encountered. I think I just about scraped through so don’t worry about not completing all the 20 questions as I got no where near!

Search practice SHL tests on google and see what you get.


i am invited for the aptitude test on wednesday any aptitude test question you can help out with.


Hi guys. I have been invited to take the numerical test for the exxon mobil production & development grad scheme.

I was wondering, which websites should I use to practise for the numerical test? Coz as far as I am aware, investment banking numerical tests are quite different to the numerical tests for exxon. and most of the websites online give practice for the IB tests…but i may be wrong.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Did anyone complete the online numerical test and pass? I got through 12 of the 20 questions… wondering how good that is? I’m sure I got quite a few of the questions I attempted right.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you!

b.t.w, I’m applying for the sales and marketing grad scheme.


Hi, I applied for the same scheme. Just got my invite for the numeric test. It’s my weak point but I’ll give it my best shot. I am not certain how many someone needs to get correct for Exxon to consider the candidate capable of interpreting data. However, keep your fingers crossed. What were the questions like… hard??


The test is quite easy, as long as you get through 3/4 you’ll be fine.
After you pass the test (like I did) you get an email saying that the recruitment team are reviewing you answers to the competency questions on your application form.

EDIT: Rejected. This was after passing the online tests and before telephone interview. What a waste of time and effort…


Hi , did u get an immediate response from Exxon Mobil after taking the test, if not how long did it take them to get back to you. I took the test about 3wks ago 7 i haven’t heard a word from them.


Think it was around 2-3 weeks for me.


pls house am invited for the aptitude test and they ve not call me for the interview and most of my friends ve gone for the interview i want to confirm may be ,they will still mail others plssssssssssss.


Just took my online test and there was hardly time to breathe…let alone finish!!!

I reckon I have answered about 12 or 13 questions correctly but for the rest I just kinda guessed my way along…talk about a disaster!!!

oh well…fingers crossed for me and everyone else in the same position:-)


Hellow everybody,
I am invited to take the ExxonMobil critical reasoning skills test in relation to numerical information. I am a bit baffeled and am strugling to know whether this test is only based on the numerical reasoning or both the numerical and verbal reasoning. If its only numerical reasoning then should we expect to get another test based on the verbal reasoning. Is there any test for the Logical reasoning as well before it finally comes to the telephonic interview? Many thanks in advance.


I studied for this test like a maniac and managed to pass it quite easily. Its a Kenexa PSL test. I received an email over 2 weeks ago saying “Congratulations you have been successful, we are now assessing your competency answers”. However, this was over 2 weeks ago and im worried that they’ll reject me. Its a pretty annoying process since all the effort put in for the test could be a waste of time.


Hello everyone, I am about to write the Exxon mobile test and I really dont know how to prepare for it, Pls can anyone help me out? Assitance much appreciated


If u have no experience with these tests, Id advise u to buy a package of numerical tests. For PSL tests, u must pay attention to questions based on exchange rates, population growth, accident rates. The others are straightforward but u have to be quick.



Have you had any feedback yet?


it’s not particularly hard. just b careful with the questions. some of them are not very direct and it can easily confuse/mislead u. read the questions thoroughly and make sure u understand what it means and what value they’re looking 4.

make use of the practice they provide b4 taking the real test. i’d say the level of the practice questions is the same as the online test. pay attention to the wording, then b careful with tapping ur calculator, u’ll b fine.

i finished mine last week and got an email saying i passed the test 2 days l8er. now just waiting for the phone interview arrangement.

does anybody know if passing the online test guarantees u a telephone interview? or there’s another selection process between online test and phone interview?