ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



Had a face to face interview on the 28/11, but I still have not heard from them. I have a feeling it’s a bad sign :slight_smile:


Did anyone ever hear back from Exxonmobil regarding the finance graduate scheme?


Hi, I know the original post was 6 years ago(!) but could you kindly offer any advice regarding the face to face interview and assessment centre?

I’ll definitely be impressed if you remember that far back!

Thanks in advance.


Hi Nadiya,

6 years on, you’re probably quite far on! I just wanted to say that I found this very helpful.

Also, I was wondering if you could kindly elaborate on what you mean by “be prepared to talk in depth about particular topics”? I’ve got a f2f next week in Southampton!

Thank you for your time.


Have you applied for a the 2017 refining and chemicals graduate position, if so have you had your face to face interview yet?


Hi - you can expect a set of competency based questions similar to those you had in the telephone interview. If you didn’t have a telephone interview, be prepared to call upon examples relating to your ability to make effective decisions; commitment to high standards; analytical capability; honesty and integrity - you’ll be well prepared if you consider each of those competencies in advance. Make sure you offer real depth to your answers (that’s the substance they will ‘score’ you on). Good luck!


Pleasantly surprised that I’m still subscribed to this 7 years later. I’m also pleased to say the advice that I gave back then is still as solid now.

If anyone has any questions let me know.


Hey Paulobuck,
Hope all is well.
I have a question regarding the graduate assessment day. Can you tell me in-detail what the day was compromised off? i.e. what exercises you undertook, with examples. Also a little more detail on the in-tray exercise, what was your task?
Thank you


When is your assessment day?


How long did it take to hear back from the f2f interview?


Hope all is well.
I attended a face to face interview with ExxonMobil at their Fawley Refinery, on 17/11/16.
I got feedback from ExxonM recruitment team on 21/11/16 and have been invited to attend the assessment day. The assessment which I have been invited to is on 28/11/16, but consists of an evening dinner prior to the event on 27/11/16.
The role is for an Graduate Scheme - Chemical Engineering.
Have you applied??? If so, have you had feedback from your F2F interview?? When is your assessment??


how did the assessment centre go? have you heard whether you were successful?


how did the assessment centre go? have you been offered the job?


Hi all, I have an Assessment Day coming up. What sort of in-tray exercises shall I expect?


Has anyone heard back from ExxonMobil for the assessment centre on 10.12.2018?
Or does anyone have any idea on how long it takes to hear back after the assessment centre?


Did you end up getting an offer? And do you by any chance know if there’ll be more assessment centres?


hey when did you do your face-to-face interview? and what role did you apply to?


hi, have you done your assessment centre? and what role did you apply for?