ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



Hi, does anyone know how you know if you passed or failed the psychometric test. Do you have to get a complete perfect score? or what.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


how you know is if they send you a rejection letter… Have you written the test


please any more IT applicants for Exxon Mobil


I’ve applied for the IT scheme at Exxon Mobil and I am attending the assessment centre next week. Which stage are you at heskeyboy?


top_cat wasup did you get the job


What stage is everybody at for the 2014 grad scheme? I have my telephone interview next week. Has anyone done one so far this year and willing to provide some insight?


@saborio when did you get the invitation for your telephone interview. And how long did your candidate profile review take. I’m at the candidate profile review stage and it is taking ages.


Applied two weeks ago, and received the interview invite last week. For marketing.


OK you applied for gas and power marketing? Please can you speak any European language like Russian and Romanian other than English. @saborio


I applied to the gas and power marketing role. and I think part of their criterion is to know how to speak other languages.


I don’t speak any other language apart from English, just a normal graduate from a top 10 uni with the usual societies and sports.


@saborio have you been able to carry out your interview. I may need tips from you after yours


Hey guys, good luck to everyone applying.

There is no secret formula to passing any interview with XOM.

The interviews are all competency based and its allowed and expected that you can re-use examples in the different interviews if you make it through.

The best format however for any competency interview and thus this one is the STAR format which is situation, task, action and result. Be yourself and don’t go in with a game plan to disguise your true personality they ate experienced interviewers and will see through that.

Maybe sure you have prepared though and perhaps most importantly Exxon is highly focused in self awareness and developing your weaknesses rather than showing off about your strengths. Ultimately think about how you will constructively answer questions on your development areas…any be prepared to say some ad there is no such thing as the perfect candidate.

Other than that good luck!


@saborio have you been able to carry out your interview


yup, very straight forward and all competency based. Nothing to stress over at all. Got an email two hours after saying I had passed.


Ok great, congrats. That’s good to know. So the next stage for you will be a face to face interview.


Has anyone had their face to face interview for the 2014 schemes yet?


Anyone reached the AC yet?


Haven’t heard back from interview last week yet, you?


Hey guys, has anyone had a face to face interview or assessment centre?