ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



Dear Y-V-M,

Thank you for your interest in graduate opportunities with the ExxonMobil Group.

For the graduate schemes we process applications in the order they are received and therefore encourage early applications.

We have progressed all early applications and the successful candidates to date have reached the final stage of assessment centre for the scheme of your choice. The assessment centres are scheduled during the next two weeks and therefore we will put all current applications on hold until assessment centre has taken place, when we will have a clear picture whether your application will be progressed further. Should we meet our hiring needs during the upcoming assessment centre, we will inform you and establish whether you wish to be considered for one of our other openings, provided there are available opportunities for which you would be eligible.

We endeavour to come back to you by the first week of January 2012.

Thank you for your continued patience with our recruitment process.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our recruitment team at uk.vacancies@exxonmobil.com

Kind regards,

ExxonMobil Recruitment Team


Has anyone had a telephone interview for the 2012 positions? I have mine on the 14th for the finance industrial placement scheme. Any input would be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi all, has anyone had an interview for 2013 grad schemes so far? Which scheme if yes?


Hello all,

I had my telephone interview with ExxonMobil on Sat just gone, got an email earlier today congratulating me on succeeding at that stage and informing me recruitment would be on touch to arrange the next stage. Then, one hour and a half latter, I got an apology saying they had reviewed the business needs and were no longer recruiting for Finance!. How on earth did they make such major decision within a couple of hours! This is beyond frustrating!

Despite that I thought I would share my interview experience.
Very chilled bloke not from a business line, not even HR I don’t think. Pretty sure the interview was done by a recruitment agency, specially given it was on a Sat. The first telephone interview does NOT cover a single question related to either the business line you have applied nor the company nor commercial awareness. Its all about your competencies and your own experiences.

I can not remember everything…this is what I got:

  1. To evaluate analytical ability. How did you go about choosing a career in Finance?
  2. Academic work…How do you cope with the pressure?
  3. An example of when you had to deal with a team member’s poor performance? What steps you took to improve their performance?
  4. An example of when you chose no to take action despite mounting pressure? Why did you not take action and how you dealt with the situation?
  5. An example of when your ideas differed from the group’s ideas? How did you approach that?

I think there was one more, but I forgot.

Best of luck to you all next year as this year’s intake is already closed ;-(


Pls did anyone apply to Mobil UK for their IT graduate role. I passed their online test a week ago and they said they will now review my application further. I have not heard from them since then. anyone in d same boat


Hi hesky
How was online test? I need to complete. And you got interview yet?


D online test for me was okay, I could handle it. but you rily gotta prepare well for it… It is a numerical test only and Kenexa based… Still waiting to hear from them for my interview.


@Dave12345 how was your test… Have you heard from them …


I thought I di well on test. Got email saying they will review my cv and test and come back to me. Couple of days got rejection email. I think I passed test but I graduated few years ago so may be that’s why got rejected. You heard yet?


I am sorry to hear that @Dave12345. So when did you graduate? They are currently carrying out a further review of my application.


Good luck heskeyboy. Hopefully you will hear from them soon enough. I passed the online test in October and the recruitment team was silent since. Out of the blue I was invited for a phone interview a few weeks ago. I did not find the questions unduly tough; the hitch for me was not knowing the core competencies Exxon is looking for


Ok feliz. Please what are some of the questions you were asked during your phone interview. @feliznavidad


Pretty much what has been shared already in the ExxonMobil threads on wikijob. 5 questions:

  1. How i came to choose this career
  2. An example of a time i chose not to take action despite mounting pressure
  3. An example of a time i had to communicate poor performance to a team member
  4. An example that required me to change myself to adapt to sth
  5. Sth about surmounting obstacles


@feliznavidad Thanks. But how did you handle the 2nd question of (2.) An example of a time i chose not to take action despite mounting pressure. It looks tricky


Hey Guys, has any had face-to-face or assessment centre for 2013 intake? and are there anyone for gas and power marketing scheme?


@GPM2013 implying that you have done d telephone interview… how was it


It was alright, questions on personality and math skills. HR was primarily concerned whether I have good communication skills rather than anything else. However, after passing telephone interview, I have not heard anything since late November.


@GPM2013 could you kindly enlighten me on some of the kind of questions asked.


hmm… it was a long time ago, since I had an interview. the questions I remember:
give an example when you handled large quantities of numbers and the way you analysed it
describe a situaion when you had to use your networking skills
descibe theway you give feedback
example of teamwork
hope it helps,
good luck


ok thanks mate