ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



Yea, got through to assessment centre. You know anything about how many people got through or how many places?


Foy88 - which scheme have u applied for? and also, is it for a summer placement or a grad scheme?


I applied for finance grad scheme, you?


Foy 88,

I applied for Refining and Chemicals grad scheme. My assessment centre is in Southampton on 15th Dec…yours?


Also guys…remember that if you’ve got through to the assessment centre, it’s like the final check that you are right for the company. Most of the candidates at final stage will be exceptional in some form or another therefore dont treat it like a competition because they’ll pick up on it and they wont be impressed. A big part of the day will be your ability to work with one another to form a successful team.


Mine is on the 16th staying over in hotel on 15th but mine is in leatherhead.
Best of luck, hope you get it


Hi guys,

I think Nadiya has delivered some excellent advice which is applicable across all application avenues and I thought I would try and add some value also.

Excuse the rather simple nature of this adage…“you can lead a horse to water but only a duck can swim” but I think it sums up the environment that you will face in your assessment centre perfectly.

Essentially even the most well versed and articulate candidates who on the surface appear to be unbeatable, will be found out if they can’t deliver the goods on the day. So please don’t be intimated by people with a good game face on. The most natural candidate will shine through even if they do not realise it at the time!!

In addition, no matter what the joining instructions say or what you have heard in the past…you are being watched from the second you arrive…including the dinner the night before if your process includes it. Don’t be afraid to have a beer (I did) but just don’t have 5 then comment on what you think of the boss’ tie if you get my drift.

With respect to the main assessment centre day, and linking to my comment above, do not go in to the day with a set strategy and stick to it religiously. The structure of the day has built in gaps to see how the candidates adapt.

A typical example would be in the business game where it asks you consider wether a particular idea is good or bad then feed your findings back. The trick is that you may not be able to tell based on the information provided. The crux of handling this would be to identify this fact but also be able to explain where the gap in the information is to the panel.

Many aspects of the day have a double edged sword element to them. By this I mean they can help you or hinder you depending on the group dynamics and how you approach it. For example prior to attending my assessment centre somehow had confidently suggested to me that taking control of the whiteboard and directing the group discussion may be a pertinent and beneficial strategy.

On the day however I found that someone actually beat me to it and initially I remember thinking I had missed a major opportunity. It then transpired that the person using the board did not utilise their opportunity properly and ended up as a glorified note taker for the duration of the exercise and effectively became a casualty of their own ambition.

Anyway that was just a few brain storms that I thought would be helpful. If you have any specific questions you would like to ask please fire away.



Thanks Paul and Nadiya.
I have my assesment centre interview on the 13th of January for the Aviation/Fuel marketing in Leatherhead. Is anyone else going for the grad scheme or gone through a previous interview in that sector. Any help would be appreciated.


Hello Paul, I hope you are having a wonderful first few months at exxonmobil. I recently passed the online tests and waiting for my telephone interview in 2 days.

I want to know the competencies exxonmobil test at this stage.



Hey all,

I hear the assessment centre for Fuels Marketing is coming up this week…for those of you attending, I’m sure the nerves are probably building!

Remember, come prepared (know the basis of the industry) demonstrate the range of skills you have through various examples, don’t see the other students as a threat - work as a team and be honest…

Don’t be disheartened if you haven’t made it…as cliche as it sounds, ExxonMobil are very much interested in how you will progress in the organization and how happy you’ll be - you may have straight A’s and a wide range of experience, but what they really want to know is if you’re the right match!

Good Luck to those attending this week - there will be a few current grads there to support you :slight_smile:



Hi, Nadiya, Paul and Every one,

can someone please shed more specific light on the kinds of competency based questions for the telephone interview.

am about to apply for the Information Tech role., are there competency based questions for the online application.

is anyone aware if they sponsor work permit? I am here on a student visa.

Thanks Guys.


Hi all!

I’m applying for aviation fuel marketing grad scheme. Just passed the online test last week. Now I;m waiting to hear from them see if I can get a phone interview.

Just wanna wish everybody good luck and maybe we’ll see each other at assessment centre or even work together in the future!

Best wishes


Hi all, please is there anyone attending the exxon mobil assessment centre for information technology graduate scheme on the 11th of April…?


I am attending exxon assessment centre on 11th april for IT Scheme. I hope to meet you folly at some point on that day hopefully. good luck!


ctgkhaled, am so excited to find out about you…ve been looking everywhere for anyone attending the IT Scheme…guess u re preparing really hard…Hope to see you soonest…


Hi all,
Good luck to everyone on the recruitment process.
I was wondering if anyone in the house has done a technical placement phone interview. How was it like and what sort of questions were you asked.
Thanks for the contribution


Has anybody received any news regarding the assessment centre that was held on the 12th April?


Anyone had their telephone interview for 2012 positions?
Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi Everyone,

It seems the Exxon Mobil thread has run dry around here? Lol…I was successful in my phone interview and got the e-mail about three weeks ago. I was also asked in that same e-mail to confirm if i’m eligible to live and work in the UK permanently and full time which I did.

Ever since then, I’ve not gotten any response from the Exxon Recruitment Team. The last time I heard from then was when they told me that they were working hard towards finalising arrangement for the next stage of the interviews.

Is anyone else in this same situation and what do you advice I do or to expect in the face-to-face interview.

Cheers y’all.