ExxonMobil Grad Scheme




How was your interview? Similiar questions as above?


hey msra5dk2

i have mine at 7.30 pm today, i think it would be a bit late to do a telephone interview and i hope the HR person is not fed up after doing it all day.

will post what questions i can remember after my interview


Think it mite be outsourced as I have one just before you do (7pm), shame I wont av enough time to help you tho


Hey guys I have just had the interview like 10 mins ago! I was surprised as they have totally changed the structure!!

There were 4 questions:

Tell me about a time you had to work to a deadline and what obstacles you faced.

Tell me about a time you have made an important decision and what information you needed to analyse

Tell me about a time you have conviced others to follow your lead

Tell me about a time you have lead a team to reach a goal


Thanks alot mandingo, mite seem like a stupid question but tdo hey ask you why Exxon? Why this scheme etc? coz no one seems to post that they were asked these questions!


Nah boss, pure competency - just what I said really. Annoyed as it caught me off guard but if you got examples for those you should be sorted :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thanks alot brv, hope you get thru, all the da best and good luck!


That was one of the hardest interviews i have had, there was no way to prepare and non of the questions listed here where on it. what made it hard is she never promted me for any more information like the other telephone interviews i have been in.

describe a time when you have worked in a time and i was able to solve a problem that other people in the team could not

people working in a team with different ideas to mine, how did i cope and what did i do.

i got one about a project with different solutions and how i came up with the best one

i got one about how i have motivated a team

she then asked me for anything else i would like to add,

i think i have messed it up, but hope that helps someone else


same as above and:

when have you worked with sumone who had a different opnion, how did you change their mind, what happened.

when have you been in a project and then the circumstances changed dramatically, what did you do, how did you respond

Good luck ppl


Hi guys,

Is there anyone applying for Retail this year? I would be happy to
help with any questions.

Best of luck everyone!!


I am applying for retail, Ive got my phone interview in a few days, any hints or tips on possible questions?



In terms of general hints and tips…I’d say be concise in your answers - follow the STAR approach - situation, task, action, result.

Have lots of different examples for different questions - the phone interview will be mainly competency based and a lot of the questions will be similar e.g. problem you solved on your own, problem you solved when working in a team, problem solved despite conflicts…

Good Luck!


Hi I has anyone heard back from their telephone interview yet? If not good luck for when you do.
I have my face to face coming up but I am not sure what to expect questions wise, I believe it is mainly competency based and that a brief knowledge on current events but if anyone has and tips or has done the same I would really appreciate it.
Good luck to everyone



Glad to hear you have your interview coming up.

Nadiya has pretty much summed up what you need to be doing. The phone interview is all competency based questions. So I would advise preparing general examples which can be used in a variety of question types.

The key characteristics they will be looking for you to demonstrate will include analytical thinking, resilience, creativity and ability to manage people while also being able to work as part of a team.

Make sure you have examples of situations where things haven’t gone exactly to plan and you have had to adapt. This is one of the most revealing parts of the interview, everyone can talk about themselves in a good manner but handling negativity can be a bit of an art. Craft your answers carefully to show that you have identified the issue, adapted and created a workable solution and that you didn’t just go to bits under pressure.

No to cause confusion, but I would recommend using the "CAR"model for constructing your responses. This stands for Context Action Result. I.e what was the problem? What action did you take? What was the outcome of your action? When I had my interviews the interviewers actually sat with a notepage split in to these columns. The benefit of this is that I gave them the answers in the most digestible format.

Finally just be prepared to expand on your answers a bit in the interview. The interviewer will probably not deviate from the standard format much…but they did a small bit in my interview to check understanding.


thanks for the tips guys… much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey PauloBuck or Namlani

I think i got through the phone interview ( i recieved a email stating that i was progressed to the next stage the day after my phone interview) so im hoping/waiting for an email for details on the face to face interview

I was wondering if anyone could give some information on what is expected at the face to face interview, of course any hints or tips are welcomed



hey Michael,

as per above comments that Paul & I made - follow the STAR/CAR approach - make sure you divide your answer into sections so that the interviewer gets a good idea of the situation that you are trying to describe.

the face to face is mainly competency based but you may have some brief questions about Exxon - why did you apply? why do you think you’re suitable? The interviewer will follow a set of questions that cover some of the key competencies that Exxon look for (you can find some more information about this on the website) - analytical skills, creativity, problem-solving, team-working.

if you’re going to bring up a specific area of Exxon that you’re interested in - make sure you know it well enough to talk about it - you don’t want to dig a hole! Use different examples for different questions! When asked about weaknesses - remember to say how you have/are developing them!

Also - Paul & I had very different experiences of the interview & assessment centre - you’ll end up talking to other students but don’t let that put you off - everyones interview will be unique - despite the ‘set questions’ that the interview had on a sheet of paper in front of him - i only got asked about 50% of them, and the rest of the time was spent talking about my voluntary experience in Thailand - some of the interviewers will steer of topic - in some ways this may give you less chance to show a diverse skill set, but at the same time, if an area you’re talking about matches an area the inteviewer is personally interested, you’ll have immediately formed a talking topic making the interview a lot more comfortable!!

Good luck!!


Hi everyone,

I had my face to face interview with ExMo last week for the finance grad scheme. I found out the next day that I passed and am through to the assesment center. I don’t yet know when this will be exactly, although from chatting to the interviewer I do know that it will be some time in December.

Namlani/Paulobuck (or anyone else for that matter!) could you please give a few more details as to what the assesment center was like? In particular, do you face questions relating to the specific role that you have applied for? My degree is not finance related and I am worried that I will face a lot of technical questions.

Am I also right in thinking that the assesment center interview is competancy based (again!)? Thank you.


A few of you have private messaged asking for me to tell you a bit about my experience so far, so I figured I’d just publicly respond on here to save me saying the same thing over again…

What’s my background?
I went to Aston University from 2005-2009 and studied Business & Management. Within that, I did a placement year working in B2B Marketing at Microsoft. I worked in Sales for a Publishing company from Sept 09 - Jan 10, then quit my job when I found out about Exxon and went travelling/volunteering for 6 months.

What scheme did I apply for?
I’m on the Retail, Fuels Marketing Scheme. I’m training to be a Territory Manager which involves managing the safety, people, processes and finances amongst other things of 10 petrol stations in a given area.

Do I have experience in the area that I’m working in?
No - none! Unlike most students, I’ve never worked in Retail before. I’ve done a few back-office jobs as a student, and have worked with marketing/sales, but never in retail. Yes - it probably helps when you’re on the job, but no - I don’t think it helps that much in terms of getting the job - otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been hired. And - when you get the job, there’ll be plenty of people who are more experienced than you who you can always ask questions for. What Exxon are looking for is that you can think in the mindset of that position - i.e. can my skills be developed to be a successful retail grad? are my skills transferrable?

What was the recruitment process like for me?
Tough! But to me, if an assessment centre isn’t tough/challenging, then they won’t be recruiting the right calibre of people. Again - Paul & I had VERY different experience of the assessment centre so try not to compare yours against others!
I chose Exxon amongst other offers because of how supportive and friendly the management seemed throughout the recruitment process and also because of the changes they had made over the years to make them the best in the industry.

What advice would I give for the recruitment process:
Use a structured approach to answering questions, use different examples from different areas of your life to reflect the diverse skill set you have, be confident, and be honest - these interviewers are extremely smart, and they will see through gaps in your CV!

Telephone Interview: Competency based, have lots of examples, structure your answers, be concise but provide lots of information

Face to Face Interview: Competency based, have lots of examples, structure your answers, be prepared to talk in depth about particular topics, ask questions about your interest areas and your opportunities

Assessment Centre: This is what we had for retail…it may differ for other programmes though.

  • Face to Face interview - similar to your previous one. All competency based. Ask lots of questions at the end, demonstrate your interest but they also know you don’t know it all - ask questions that will help YOU determine whether you’re the right fit for this company.

  • Individual & Group Exercise - It’ll be based on fictatious companies to do with Oil & Gas - remember to let everyone in the group have their say, lead in a certain way but also be a team player. If you don’t lead something, don’t think that it means you haven’t got the job. Be the person who answers the panels questions - just play a part!

  • Prioritizing Exercise - Justify yourself clearly - know why you’re prioritizing things in a certain way and be very prepared to justify that to your interviewer. Stand by your opinions, but be prepared to change your mind if you think you’re in the wrong.

What have I done so far:
I started in September 2010. Since then, I went through a 7 week intensive training programme to get me up to Store Manager level and to understand how things work on our Esso sites. After that, I started a project looking at our Esso branded Tiger Washes where I’m looking at how to increase our sales volume, and I’m currently launching our new upgraded washes and planning promotional activity on sites.

What opportunities do I see ahead of me:
It’s amazing to see how grads before me have progressed. Job changes occur all the time at ExxonMobil, and I’ll only be in retail for 18months - 2years before moving on. I’m not sure where I want to go yet (I’ve only been around 3 months), but a pricing analyst role or working in oil & gas trading sounds pretty exciting!

I hope that that helps - Good luck to all of you for your interviews. Remember as much as this is about ExxonMobil finding the right grads for the company, this is also about you ensuring you’re going to be happy working here - so research to find out if it sounds like the right company for you, and then ask the interviewers lots of questions to confirm your own suitability.

Let me know if you have any more questions.



Anyone else attending the assesment centre on the 15th/16th December?