ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



Hi Guys

I jus got thru the numerical tests - was quite tight 4 time but I managed to get thru thankfully… They sent me a mail saying they gna check my answers to the competencies on the form b4 they get bak to me. Could sum1 tell me how long this takes?




Congratulation Taio!!! I passed my numerical test back in early November, I had the same email as u but didnt hear from them since then, I aint sure does that mean my application is unsuccessful!


So from what I remember…I sent my application in early October, had the online test around 2 weeks later, had the telephone interview around 2 weeks after that…and then the face to face was on 1st Dec, and my final round was on the 14th/15th December!!

I’d say if you haven’t heard anything for two weeks, maybe drop them an email: uk.vacancies@exxonmobil.com

Good Luck!


Hey namlani, I sent them two emails already and still havent got a reply or any update for my application. Congratulation tho :slight_smile:


Thanks Phybabe and congrats to u too, I strongly suggest that u try getting hold of a telephone number and ring them up coz they really shouldn’t take that long… I suppose I shud just wait another 2 weeks b4 i mail them.

Congrats namlani and just out of interest, how many of u made it through the assessment day? I hear they only take one or two ppl at times:(


Hey…i can’t remember exactly as it was before Christmas now…but I think there was 8 at our assessment centre - all applying for retail. I haven’t been told who else got through yet - not sure but something about HR confidentiality! from memory i think they recruit around 40 graduates across all areas together - think about 7 in retail - sorry I can’t be of much help with that!


Good Luck Taio, I tried to emailed them but have no reply. I just checked on the net, the scheme that I applied is already filled.


@Phybabe I’m really sorry to hear that:( Its truly unethical behavior on their part… Never lose hope - Wish u all the best…
@Namlani, thanks for the info - And congrats once more on ur success :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

Hope you are all doing well…has anyone heard anything new on the exxon mobil graduate scheme?



Hi Nadiya,

I got accepted for the Retail Grad Scheme also, that is fantastic to hear we are going to be working alongside each other :slight_smile: I have sent you a message to your inbox.

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask about the selection process I would be more than happy to help answer them also.

Hope you all got what you applied for!



Has anyone recently applied for the graduate scheme Production this year?

Also has anyone done the telephone interview for the Exxonmobil grad scheme? Any help would be appreciated as my interview is in 3 days!


Good Luck to all those applying for the 2011 ExxonMobil Graduate Scheme!


hey cordy123
How long did it take for exxon to give you a date for your telephone interview after they said you had passed the numeracy tests??

i was told i have passed the tests but they are taking ages to get back to me


Cordy123, How did the telephone interview go? I know it was a while ago now but if you could remember any questions that were asked it would be really helpful. My telephone interview is in 4 days now.

m13at, it took ages, don’t worry about it to much, i did the online tests and after about 2 weeks i emailed them asking how long i should expect to wait and they told me thanks for the interest but to be patient lol and they just have so many application which is why it takes so long. they then told me about a week after that, so quite a while.

I am applying for the finance scheme, anyone else done a telephone interview recently, would really appreciate any help or questions they asked.



@foy88 how was ur interview? Can you shed some light on the questions they asked you please?


yea it was all competency based and lasted about 25 min, its a person from HR so they are nice. They will just stay quiet and jot stuff down whilst you talk but they will always ask more if they want to know more so dont worry if they are quiet.

they split it into sections,

first was analytical ability where i think they asked things like:

an example when you have seen something different to everyone else in the team and how it changed things


an example of when you have changed been on a project and how you coped when it changed half way through.

think initiative was next but not to sure.
cant think of other ones they asked me, it is strange when you cant remember about 5 minutes after. But all I did was have an example for all the usual competencies and a couple examples spare that can be used for anything and you should never be caught out. I will keep trying to remember and will jot them down when i do.

I heard back on the friday after having my interview on the monday afternoon. So I am now waiting to hear when my face to face interview is as they say they will contact me at a later date.

Hope this helps, sorry its a bit vague.
When is your interview? Good luck if it is soon



I’m applying for the finance scheme as well, I have a telephone interview coming up the information you provided is really helpful. My one is on a Saturday which is a bit weird by works out great for me.
Were there any questions about the company or the professional qualification you’re going to work towards?

Wish me luck.



I have mine on Sunday, so I would appreciate it if you would put up the questions they asked you. Good luck!


I have a telephone interview coming on next week.

I have applied for the Graduate Programme in Finance.

Any tips and experience to share?

Thanks very much.


hey zachtan2003

How did the interview go??

any hints and tips as i have mine coming up tomorrow

thank you