ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



same here timmalone52, i received a mail said I pass the numerical test and they are screening my competency-based questions and will contact me once they finish. I did my test on 11th Nov.
I sent them a email last week asking how long will it take, and have no reply.


Hi phybabe, which program did you apply for? Exxon seem to be taking ages at every stage of their recruitment. Thanks for the info.



I applied for the finance scheme. what scheme did u apply for timmalone52?


Mine was in IT not sure there are recruiting into this role for 2010 any longer.


I just went on their site, and said IT - No vacancies available 2010. Did they ask you for your second choice Timmalone ?


hey! I’ve got an assessment centre with Exxon tomorrow/Tuesday for the Retail Graduate Scheme and wanted to find out if anyone has any tips for the day? :slight_smile: Thanks, Nadiya


Hi all,

I have my telephone interview with Exxon over the next couple of days…from what i gathered from friends that progressed that far in the recruitment process and the e-mail notification of the stage, competency based questions will be fielded by a HR based manager and would seek to find out how the candidate exhibits several competencies required by the company
I hope this helps…

Good luck to all that has made it this far…!!!


Is anyone else still waiting for the results from the site interview? It’s been a few weeks now…


No news still and they didn’t ask me for second choice. Still reviewing my competency based answers i guess. Goodluck Slimboi ,could you please share you telephone interview experience on this forum once you’ve done it.



No news still and they didn’t ask me for second choice. Still reviewing my competency based answers i guess. Goodluck Slimboi ,could you please share you telephone interview experience on this forum once you’ve done it.



Hi Guys & Girls

Does anyone know how long EM take to get back to candidates after the telephone interview. I had mine a while ago and still haven’t heard anything. It does seem that EM take a long time over each stage for reasons unknown.

Hope you can help.



Hi Nadiya,

How did your interview go? kindly share your experience on the interview you had at their office - How long did you have to wait to be invited for the site interview and did you have to contact them before they got in touch.

how was the day like? did you have to sleep over? was there another round of numerical test? what were your responses and what would you advise for the day, as I have also got mine coming up…?

Thank you - your help and reassurance would be highly appreciated.


Hi Tyler,

Interview went better than I expected - I’ve been accepted on to the retail programme there, so just waiting for the contract to come through…really excited to get started in September!

From what I remember:
Telephone Interview: Competency based, quite laid back and friendly just be yourself. Took about 7-10 days to get the answer.

1st round interview: This was largely competency based, make sure you have lots of different examples of the usual competency questions you get asked e.g. challenges, team work, problem solving! Also know a little about Exxon and what motivates you to work there. Took about 7 days to get a response I think (and no, didn’t have to contact them before they got in touch)

Final assessment centre: the day is quite long and tough with a series of individual and group exercises which all really test your ability to fit into the role you’ve applied for. There was a dinner the night before and we stayed in a gorgeous hotel near to the offices. Think the day started around 8am through to 4.30pm.

As for advice:

  • it sounds really cliche, but be yourself
  • There are going to be weaker and stronger areas of your day, but its really important to keep a smile on your face and try your best for all tasks - I thought I messed up after the first task, but had it not been for the words of enthusiasm one of the grads their gave me, I don’t think I would have performed as well!
  • Have a broad understanding of the oil & gas industry and where Exxon sits within this
  • Don’t get phased by challenging questions, answer them as best you can
  • Time manage yourself well on all tasks, all of them are very time pressured
  • Don’t look at the other students at your assessment as competition, look at them as being your colleagues and without them you wouldn’t succeed - this will allow you to progress well in the group exercise.
  • Let your personality shine through - they’re not looking for someone who can put a confident front on all day - I think they like to see that you know you’ve got lots to learn and you don’t know everything…and they like to see that you’re a bit nervous, and that you’re approachable etc.

I hope this helps!



Congratulations Nadiya, your piece was informative as it was insightful…I have no doubts that you will continue to impress once you have resumed at Exxon in September. The telephone interview i had on December 17th was competency based seeking to find out how i fared in a number of real life scenarios…there were uo to six different competencies that i was asked to show including a time i had to overcome an obstacle, a time i showed adaptability, a time i solved a complex problem, a time i used initiative, leadership and passion for helping others. Like has been already mentioned in this forum, u have to sound believable even though you may be slightly nervous( as ca n be expected though)…havent heard from them till now though…will keep y’all posted…Good luck to everyone that has made it that far once more …


Dear Nadiya,

Congratulations once again. You are a star!!! thank you so much for the information, it is very much appreciated.

Did you have to do numerical test on the final assessment day again?



Hey Tyler,

Thanks! I honestly believe that being yourself at Exxon is the key thing. There’s so many different exercises you have to do during the day, and the assessors will try to get to know your personality through the exercises…any inconsistencies may be questioned…!

Nope - didn’t have to do another numerical test…! but you will need to be able to do some finances within the group exercise!

Good luck…and let me know if there’s anything else you need…let me know how u get on :slight_smile:



Hi Nadiya,

Thank you for the reassurance. I will let you know how it goes.



Good Luck :)…whens your assessment centre?


Good Luck :)…whens your assessment centre?



Dont know yet, I am still keeping my fingers x…for it