ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



60 or 70% I think…


how long does it take them to get back to u…after u have completed the numeracy


They got back to me within a day to say I was rejected. Not sure how soon others got their rejection though.


I have a telephonic interview with exxon on the 6th of november…can anyone with a past history shed some light…(what kinda question do they emphasize upon…i have had an IB interview recently isit based on the same pattern)


Has anyone been told a date for their face-to-face interview? It’s been a while since their last communication…

For the phone interview, look at the competencies that they are looking for and have examples ready.


No contact about the face-to-face intervieww yet. The last email I received from them was to confirm I had the right to work in the EU.


do they ask anthing on business awarnes…as to why I have choosen exxon, why the department and questions along those line…
really would appreciate ur take

Also I am international student from canada…I have a work permit to work in the UK but not EU does that mean i cant work fr exxon



I have a telephone interview in a few days, It would be much appreciated if you could please list the core competences of Exxon mobil.


Still no news on face-to-face interviews…? I had to confirm that I was eligible to work in the UK, but that was it…


Received the date for a face-to-face interview today. How about everyone else?


hey cherno samba,

good to hear they finally started to send out the date for 2nd interview

rough when is ur date? end of Nov or early Dec ?

Good luck !!!


Hi Cherno Samba,

Have you been to the face to face interview yet? when is / was your day? pls share your experience.



Hi, I completed the on-line test with ExxonMobil on 11th November, and received a email on the next day says

Congratulations! Following your recent assessment activity, we are pleased to let you know that you have been successful in progressing to the next stage of our selection process.

Our team will now evaluate your answers for the competency-based questions on your application. We shall be in contact once this stage has been completed.

had anyone receive the same email? it had been over two weeks, should I count myself out?
Thanks x


Hi! I have just passed my online test guys. Anyway help with what questions I can expect to be asked in the telephone interview? Thanks


Any idea what sort of specific questions to prepare for in the Exxon-mobil telephone interview?Mine coming up soon as well. Many thank n cheers


So has anyone found out if they have past the interview yet?


what q’s will they ask, my tel int is next week. Thanks


Anyone passed site interview?

Has been a week and no news at all


Hi aaronedin and cherno samba,

It seems to me that ‘no news is usually good news’, so fingers crossed for your site interview and well done!
Please please and please kindly share your experience on the site interview - How long did you have to wait to be invited for the site interview and did you have to contact them before they got in touch.

how was the day like?
did you have to sleep over?
was there another round of numerical test?
what were your responses and what would you advise for the day, as I have also got mine coming up…?

Thank you - your help and reassurance would be highly appreciated.



hey guys.
Still no news yet from exxonmobil after scaling the numeracy test.
Got feedback on my numeracy since Mid-November!
Anyone with the same experience on this forum? Or are we simply not good enough for the next round!!!