ExxonMobil Grad Scheme



Has anyone else applied? I have the telephone interview coming up - has anyone got any tips or possible questions to prepare for?


Hi cherno samba,

I’ve got an interview coming up this wednesday…when’s your interview?


Hey megaman,

I have the interview tommorow. Have you done much to prepare for your one on wed?


Guys, before Exxon Mobil got in touch for your interviews, did anyone have “competency screening completed” said when they checked their online application status?


@ cherno

I’ve got my list of examples ready, but not done that much prep…what about yourself? Let us know how you get on tomorrow…good luck

@ Liverpool

I had “competency screening completed” written for a couple of weeks before they finally got back to me. I dont really know what takes them so long…


I have prepared some examples - i think I will have some bullit points in front of me to help answering. Are some of your examples the same as the ones you used on the competency questions on the applications?


yeah i’ll be using some of the examples provided in the application form, i’m also bullit pointing all my experiences so i can refer to them at the interview…I also been told the interviewer might ask for more than one example for each competency!


For which scheme(s) did you apply?

They take so long with any step because they want to see if they can get better people than the ones they could get currently. Their applications are open relatively long so they do not give away the few spots easily…for some schemes they only took 1 or 2 people last year…



How was your interview today? Was it what you expected?

@ Degletnour- I’m applying for IT, what are you applying for?


Hey megaman,

The interview was quite tricky, not sure if I will progress to be honest. If you are prepared for all the competencies then you should be able to answer all the questions at least.

I applied for the Finance scheme. Are you allowed to apply for more than one scheme?



So they ask a lot of competencies? Can you give any examples? My interview is tomorrow

Also I dont know if you can apply for more than one scheme but I doubt it as they want a committment to a certain area.


Well, I don’t need to apply…

a) you’re 2 people so that’s why I asked for scheme(s) and b) at least before you had to pick a second option…might have changed that though.

The telephone interview is easy…it’s with an HR person…not s.o. from the business line. So quite hard to mess that up. Usually they will ask about a team situation, a challenge etc. so the standard. Since it’s an HR person do make sure you give a balanced view and show that you got people skills.
The face-to-face interview obviously depends on the interviewer, but usually they pick “nice” people for that. You should make sure that under no circumstances you make something up! If they doubt anything you say they are instructed to probe until they think you’re honest. Also show interest in ALL ExxonMobil activities! If you continue to work for them it is almost guaranteed that you will change to another business line at some point.

Good Luck!


I was successful at the phone interview - how did everyone else do?


I got through as well…they got back to you on a date yet for the face to face interview and does anyone know the format of the interview?



just got invited to do the numerical test… does anyone know any websites to practice on? is the test similar to shl?


I thought the test was so much harder. I think it’s psl or kenexa. Can’t remember. I failed and got a rejection. :frowning:


I thought the test was the hardest one I have taken so far too. I didn’t come close to finishing but I passed at least.


Yeh so did I. I also did it and was unsuccessful! :frowning:


Anyone else here passed their phone interview and is waiting for a data for the face to face interview?

I passed the phone interview like three weeks ago but heard nothing since…anyone else in the same boat?


Yep I’m still waiting too.