ExxonMobil 2013 intake


Hello all,

I had my telephone interview with ExxonMobil on Sat just gone, got an email earlier today congratulating me on succeeding at that stage and informing me recruitment would be on touch to arrange the next stage. Then, one hour and a half latter, I got an apology saying they had reviewed the business needs and were no longer recruiting for Finance!. How on earth did they make such major decision within a couple of hours! This is beyond frustrating.

Anyone else out there on the same boat?

Good luck to you all.


Hey… I was told I would be contacted, never got anything after the tests(no interview or anything, no rejection, just that I passed the tests). Tbh, this is really frustrating… it looks to me like they already made a decision long time ago. So my no notification means app rejected obviously.


hi all,

yes, same happened to me, just got an email about new ‘business needs’ and was informed they will not recruit any more for finance positions… and i was so happy i passed to the assessment centre stage! :confused: very frustrating


Hi well done on getting to the final stage. I also got the business needs email :frowning:
Can you tell me what the telephone interview was like? Thanks.


Despite that I thought I would share my interview experience.
Very chilled bloke not from a business line, not even HR I don’t think. Pretty sure the interview was done by a recruitment agency, specially given it was on a Sat. The first telephone interview does NOT cover a single question related to either the business line you have applied nor the company nor commercial awareness. Its all about your competencies and your own experiences.

I can not remember everything…this is what I got:

  1. To evaluate analytical ability. How did you go about choosing a career in Finance?
  2. Academic work…How do you cope with the pressure?
  3. An example of when you had to deal with a team member’s poor performance? What steps you took to improve their performance?
  4. An example of when you chose no to take action despite mounting pressure? Why did you not take action and how you dealt with the situation?
  5. An example of when your ideas differed from the group’s ideas? How did you approach that?

I think there was one more, but I forgot.

Best of luck to you all next year as this year’s intake is already closed ;-(


*not to take action


Hi all, you ppl got an interview atl… my app just remained under review. In any case,
a lot of companies seem to be cutting, postponing or canceling recruitment altogether for some streams. Times are extremely tough… I don’t think any real recovery will come soon, unfortunately :frowning:


I got an email saying that my Finance application would be transferred to the Marketing & Commercial scheme since my skills and experiences match those required and then was invited to telephone interview, which was yesterday.

My interview questions were similar to maxigrad - I think they were…

Example of a course I struggled with in my degree
Example of when I had to deal with a poor performer in a team
Example of when I dealt with a changing project
Example of when I’ve analysed financial or numerical data

Good luck to anyone else with an interview - I hope this helps.


How did this interview go? I have one coming up? does it last long?


details on how my interview went are posted above. 25 mins start to finish.

good luck to you. BTW you interview is not for Finance is it?


Had my interview. Very similar to yours. No, mine was for commercial and marketing, still got asked about financial models… Have you heard back from your telephone interview yet?



Pls did anyone apply to Mobil UK for their IT graduate role. I passed their online test a week ago and they said they will now review my application further. I have not heard from them since then. anyone in d same boat


is there anyone for gas and power marketing scheme?


what stage are you on presently